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Third look in Cabo with my classy classy all inclusive bright green wrist band haha.  What do you do?  They could at least make them a little prettier, since you have to wear it the entire time.

So I am loving this breezy black skirt, especially on the beach.  It was breathable and goes super cute as a nice little cover up.

On this day we went to the ME Cabo resort, which is by the way so chic, white & pretty.  I wish we would’ve stayed there!  But we went to a little pool party there and had a blast.  

On our last night in Cabo, if you follow me on snapchat and my instagram stories you saw the BEYOND STUNNING restaurant we ate at.  It was the absolute PERFECT way to end our crazy week with our crazy friends haha.  (we aren’t tequila shot people & that is all everyone wanted to do haha) love em’ but I like chill retirement home vibes, and like to sit and sip on some wine with some nice quiet music in the background.  It was super fun with the group we went with!  But a night like this was just what we needed.

Anyways, This resort has a restaurant called El Farrallon that was carved into the rocks and sitting right by the edge of the ocean.  It was so romantic to say the least.  Please check it out!! This isn’t sponsored whatsoever by the way.  I just highly recommend it.  

I am going to be staying at this resort next time I visit Cabo.  It is called the Resort at Pedregal.  So beautiful!

What are your favorite places to stay and eat in Cabo??  

Headed to Huntington Beach California right now for a few days with the family.  So excited!  Make sure to follow on my snapchat to see our little adventure.  Plus watch Oaks fly for the first time as a toddler haha we will see how this goes.

Have a great day!


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