Evys Tree has released their midnight black jacket today!

Plus, it’s on sale, and they go quick! 

Their jackets are seriously THE most comfortable.  I especially love the length of this one.

The inside is so soft and cozy.  Oaks loves when I wear it.  He snuggles right up next to me.

If you’re looking for a simple black hooded jacket, this is the one! Check it out.




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Happy Wednesday beauties.

I wanted to share a few things that you must have for new babies, and what I have found that I actually needed.

The past year I have waisted so many things that I didn’t even use.

So I will share what I NEEDED 100%.  And what is not needed… in my opinion.

First, the OWLET BABY MONITOR.  Holy bananas.  Saved my life from sleepless nights of worry and terror if he’s breathing or not.  Read more about it HERE.  

This is the last month they’re offering $25 off of it! So I would get it stat, if you need it or know of anyone having a baby.

Second, since I had the owlet, I just bought a $30 monitor, that I can just hear him from.  I did have the Motorola monitor, (that was $300)  but it broke after less than 6 months of use, so I do not recommend that thing to anyone.

The monitors that you can see and hear them, I still love, but I found that I didn’t need it since I had the Owlet.

Third, you don’t need a baby warmer.  FOR THE LOVE.. you don’t need a warmer.  Babies don’t know the difference between warm and cold wipe.  

They’re new to this world.  They don’t know, nor do they care.  Promise.

Fourth,  I have spent a ridiculous amount on baby shoes.  None that he will even wear, so they sit and collect dust in his closet.  

Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to buy him booties, but so far he will NOT wear them.  He will just wear the Freshly Picked baby Mocs.  

So, for me I would recommend investing in those.  They’re so comfortable for them, and you would be surprised at how long they can wear them.  

Oaks has been in 4’s for 3 months now and they still fit him.

Fifth, I have learned that Zara is the best and most affordable place to buy baby clothes.

Sixth, you do need a nice stroller, and carseat.  I have the GB stroller, and love it.  But I am sure most of you know that.  

Seventh, the mamaroo swing.  This thing saved my life the first 2 months.  This is all he would sleep in at night.

Eighth, you just need pajamas and onsies for the first couple months of life.  I honestly just like the jammies and GAP, & Old Navy.

Ninth,  bottles, formula and breast pump.. of course.  Oaks loved the Dr Brown Bottles.  I breast fed, but it doesn’t hurt to have back up formula just in case.

I loved the Medela Breast Pump.  Usually your insurance will cover the cost of it.

Last but not least, swaddling.  This is something I really didn’t know how important it was.  I bought a lot of those thin blankets for swaddling, but didn’t use any.

I would get the easy to swaddle ones.  Trust me, you want something quick and easy, when your a first time mom and your baby is crying while you do it.

I would recommend the aden by aden swaddles.

So these are just suggestions and opinions of my own, and what worked for me and Oaks and what didn’t work.

Just wanted to share for all first time mommas!

Oaks outfit / Jack and Winn hat / Freshly Picked Mocs / Zara top and jeans

My outfit / Topshop tank / Windsor plaid wrap /  Topshop jeans Hush Puppies boots