Man, I’ve never experienced cystic acne this bad in my entire life.  Once I stopped nursing, it started to flare up so fast.  All over my forehead, then my chin then in my nose, on my cheeks.  This led me to being so self conscious that I caked on the make up (which I hate doing)

I’m extremely grateful for Renee whose a medical esthetician for Dr Dennis Gross who helped me with this and put me on a regimen that I’ve been following faithfully since August.  Remember the IG LIVE I did with her back in July?  Yeah she’s amazing!

Now, there are a lot of steps, and I’m super aware of that, but I wanted to give you in detail what I’ve been doing!  Then share some takeaways, like what products to really invest in and what are an added bonus.  When I talked to Renee she said that you have to do what works for you.  If your skin is reacting to something and it’s supposed to do wonders, stop using it.  If someone tells you a product is bad, but your skin is doing awesome with it, keep using it.  

A huge takeaway from my IG LIVE I did with Renee was she said when you start using a new product, make sure to take a before photo, and then 30 days later take and after photo and see if you see any slight changes.  You don’t want to be using an expensive product that isn’t doing it for you.  And it’s hard for us to see results when we look at our skin every single day. 

Below are my before and afters.  The first was taken at the highest point of a flare up!  Which was back in May/June.  I then got my regimen in in July, and faithfully started using it in August.  I drinks tons of water, no dairy, meditate everyday, feel pretty well adjusted.  So I made sure that al those things were aligned and that just wasn’t helping in any way.   I still would love to go get my hormones checked because I feel like everyone should after they have a baby, just to see where you’re at.  



NO FILTERS.  I still have flare ups here and there, but they’re very mild and usually only one at a time, but my skin looks so much more alive, brighter, plumper and happier.  

With that said, I go in every 4-6 weeks to Spa Trouve and get Hydrafacials and dermaplaning done on top of that, that I believe helps a lot as well, just to shed off all the unwanted skin.

For the acne scarring, I’m going to go in for microneedling that usually nips it in the butt right away! Read more on my post on the 3 Spa Treatments I highly recommend!

Again, this regimen I’m about to share isn’t designed for everyone, just wanted to share what worked with me and you can take from this what you want!  Hoping to help anyone going through something like this.  Because it’s narley and not fun to go through.  So here we go, starting with the morning routine.  I’m not perfect everyday, but I really try and do all of the things 95% of the time.


  1. Wash: Dr Dennis Gross Gentle Cleanser: for someone acne prone this is a good one.

2. Dr Dennis Gross Spectra facepro light for 3 minutes: It’s a FDA approved facial light. A combination of 100 LED red lights and 62 LED blue lights work together to smooth the look of wrinkles, give skin a firmer appearance, diminish discoloration, and diminish the look of blemishes for a flawless, youthful complexion. Choose from three treatment options: red light therapy, blue light therapy, and red and blue light therapy. LED red lights support the natural production of collagen and elastin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, sun damage, and redness while LED blue lights target bacteria and prevent future breakouts. Together, dual LED red and blue lights target the look of wrinkles and blemishes at the same time.  I do both red and blue at the same time.   

3. Peel: Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads:  I use step 1 first and wipe all over face and neck, then wipe two minutes and apply the second layer.  I’ve raved about these before and they’re life changing! I alternate between extra strength and the gentle peels everyday. The gentle peels are safe to use nursing or pregnant.

4. Hyaluronic Hydration Booster Serum: 1/2 a syringe all over, SO hydrating. This is the best serum to use under make up.  There is nothing worse than applying serum and then when you go to apply your make up it crumbles underneath because the product was too thick.  This is just super light and more watery than anything.  Apply on face!  Put syringe on your forehead and catch with your hand so it doesn’t drip down, verses putting it in your hand first.  This will help you not waist any product.

5. Hyaluronic Oil Free Moisturizer: If you’re acne prone, you need this moisturizer!  If not, use an oil free moisturizer.  Renee explained to me the importance of that.  Because if you’re using an oil base one everyday, it could be clogging your pores even more to those who are sensitive to breakouts, I know I am.

6. Dr Dennis Gross Sun Spot Defense Sunscreen: SO good. I apply this on my face, even eye lids, and neck. Please use sunscreen! Especially when using the peel pads.  Using a daily sunscreen is so important!!



  1. Wash: same wash as morning Dr Dennis Gross Gentle Cleanser


2.  Dr Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer: This one is super indulgent and its truly heaven. Especially when you can do it while the kids bathe right now to you.  It feels so good and really helps open up your pores, so once you go to apply your nightly products, they will actually absorb into your skin better, giving you the full benefits of them.  No waisted product!

3. Feurlic + Retinol Eye Serum: Holy mother. This is a must must have eye serum. I’ve never actually usd an eye serum and loved it… my thoughts every time I use an eye serum is… is this even workings… BUT THIS.  It’s crazy the results it gives you.  I don’t have crazy crows feet to begin with but its helped me look more awake and brightened up the eye area.   You dap it under your eye and then ON your eye lids.  This is the only one you can put on your eye lids!  If you have major crows feet, get this guy.  Also, dark circles… TRY IT!  Worth the splurge.

4. Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic Retinol Wrinkle Overnight Serum:  This stuff is magic and I LOVE it.  I do 1 full pump all over my face.  

5.  Ferulic + Retinol Overnight Moisturizer:  again, this line is crazy good.  It has Retinol in it which is like the best ingredient for a youthful anti aging glow!


HOT TIPS: pump the product into hand and dap all areas of your face and try not to rub so much, gently tap your face almost as if you’re pressing it into your skin, verses rubbing it all over.  That way it fully gets on your face and all areas, no waisted product!

Okay, I know this is SUPER excessive and indulgent, and an investment, but I’m an extra type girl when it comes to my skin. You wear it ALL OF THE TIME.  Yeah, shoes are great, couches are cool, BUT skincare.  You wear your skin with you at all times.  Thats the one thing I will always splurge on.  I want to be able to wake up feeling good and not feeling like I have to cake on the make up.  When you have great skin, you don’t need to buy a bunch of make up to cover it up.  It really starts with great skin.  Everything else is a bonus!

If you’re the girl on a budget, try starting with one product!  If I were you, I would put the Spectra face mask on your list for Christmas or birthday.  That will last forever!   You won’t have to buy again.  Next product I’d recommend is the peel pads.  Those are the two I would for sure splurge on.  

Bottom line, do what works for you!  Make sure to take before pictures, before applying new product!  Then 30 days later, take another photo and see if you can see any difference.  If you don’t see any difference, don’t use it!  I gave myself about 2 months with all of these products and they’ve transformed my skin, as you can see above. 

Let me know if you have any questions at all!  




PNS07988-Edit (1)


PNS07988-Edit (1)I wanted to share this grocery list and meals with you because I know most of you wanted to see it.  I had made this for my sister who is trying to lose the pounds after she had her first baby 2 months ago.  You know how it is when you’re just itching to lose the weight after baby.  I just know for me, I really just want to feel good again.  So I gave her a shopping list and a few meals that she can add in to start out.  This isn’t a full on meal plan, but one day of meals to give her an idea, and I honestly eat the same things day in and day out and switch it up sometimes, but for the most part I’m a creature of habit and eat the same.  Once I find something thats good, I stick to it.  Consistency is key to creating better habits for yourself. 

I didn’t want to overwhelm her with a strict plan, so thats why I say ADD IN.  The more good you add into your diet, the less room you have for junk.   I just believe that the more simple we keep things, the easier it is.  

I used to count macros back in the day, but it started to become an obsession in a bad way.  I looked good, but I just didn’t want to attach so much energy into that.  I’m trying now to just surrender and tune into what my body needs, and really listen and be aware of that.  It’s definitely taken me a lot of practice though and it’s something I’m still working at!  I find myself sometimes going back to wanting to count sometimes because It makes me feel out of control, and I have a controlling personality, so it’s really helping me learn to let go and just listen.

So for the grocery list!  I’m sharing a few recipes from this grocery list.  I’m just sharing to give you ideas, you can take whatever you want from this, but I know this plan works for me and I think we all need to just try new things until we find our thing, and sometimes what worked for us last month or year, isn’t working now, so we have to keep pivoting and trying so we can grow and learn from the process.



 Oat Milk
3 large Cucumbers
3 bags celery
Cherry tomatoes
1 bag Spinach
1 Raspberries
1 bag Lemons
Chicken thighs
Ground turkey
2 cartons Eggs
Brown rice (packets if you want)
Feta cheese
Frozen blueberries
Canned tuna

Kerry gold butter

Daves killer wheat bread 



Coconut aminos
Avocado or olive oil
Pro bars (pb chocolate or cookie dough are best)
Lundberg cinnamon rice cakes
Veganese (if they don’t have go to good earth)

1 bag of kale

Veganese (good earth if smiths doesn’t have it)
Organic Simple Truth or fresh ground Peanut butter


Mint leaves

Tapito Sauce & Cholula Sauce

Good earth
Veganese (if smiths doesn’t have)
Sauerkraut dill flavor
Sun Warrior Collagen Tahiti Vanilla (or on amazon)

AMAZON (supplements and creamers)

Lairds Superfood Creamer

Mary Ruths Liquid Probiotics

Ancient Grains Collagen (something new I added because it’s clean)



Green juice for 3-4 glasses

1 Costco bag celery
1 peeled cucumber
10 handfuls spinach
2 lemons
Then when I serve I do 4 drops Mary Ruth’s probiotic (I’ve never felt better after taking this btw! I’m NEVER bloated anymore)




  • Scrambled eggs with 2 yolks and 2 whites, feta cheese and cholula on top.  With daves killer toast and 1/2 tbsp kerry gold butter


  • 1 canned tuna, 1 tbsp veganese, 2-3 tbsp sauerkraut, 1/2 cup cooked quinoa.  Mix everything together!


  • Blueberry Watermelon Mint Collagen Smoothie, or PRO bar.
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries, 3 cubes watermelon, 2 mint leaves, 1 scoop Sun Warrior Collagen, 1 cup water.  Blend up!


  • Asian ground turkey, steamed broccolli, quinoa, or lentils.  Add feta on top, and tapito sauce!



I love to sip on Spindrift! Its carbonated and lightly sweetened with fruit, all natural!  I get it in bulk at costco.  I also love my afternoon coffee with Oat milk.  I did a post a while back on my 3 Skinny Hacks, and still stand by this! I also drink a lot of water! I have a large hydroflask to get me through the day and its the only way I’ll drink any water. I’l forget if I don’t keep refilling.  

As far as having drinks, like coffee, teas, spindrift, I feel like these are just my little rituals that get me excited everyday.  I don’t necessarily NEED the caffeine, its just more of a ritual for me and something to look forward to.

Hope this helps give you ideas! Let me know if you have any questions!