I wanted to share a few tips on protecting your energy, along with this outfit!  Which I die over.  Comfortable level at 100%.  This body suit is life too, are you into bodysuits like me too?  I love them.


I’ve been practicing these things the last 6 months, and they make the biggest difference on how I give my energy and how I show up everyday.  Of course, I’m not perfect and struggle with feeding into the lies I tell myself, but we all have bad days and I think it helps us appreciate the good days more and learn things that we can do differently.  

  1. WAKE UP & GO TO BED PHONE-LESS. this sounds so much easier than it is.  We are freaking slaves to our phone.  It’s habit to pick it up and check our notifications, its habit to open instagram and scroll scroll scroll, but the thing I wanted to do was get rid of that bad habit, because it throws my energy off so bad.  Each morning I wake up and sit with my coffee and hang out with Liv, I don’t have my phone for the first hour.  It sets the tone of your day, think of it this way, would you want 30 people walking into your bedroom telling you they worked out, how to make morning smoothies, swipe up on this, look here, look at me!  No, that would be obnoxious.  Thats exactly what you’re doing when you pick up your phone first thing.  Instead I lay in my bed, take a few deep breaths, go over how I want to show up using one word, today was “patient” and what I’m grateful for and actually sitting with that, not going through a list of what I’m grateful for, just soaking in that one thing I chose today.  Then I put my feet on the floor and ready for the day.  

  For bedtime, I leave my phone charging in my bathroom, so it’s not even near me.  Same thing, don’t look at it for the last hour before bedtime.  It never comes in my bed.  Instead, I pick up my kindle and read, I’ve literally read all of Glennon Doyles books, if you haven’t, you need to!  Having a kindle has been a game changer for me too. It makes it super easy not to look at my phone in bed.  These two things will protect your energy and set the tone of your day!

Books I recommend: Untamed, Love Warrior, Carry On Warrior.  But I would read them backwards LOL.  Carry on Warrior first, Love warrior second, Untamed third.  She has a way of writing that you just feel every single emotion she’s writing about.  I cry in all of them.

2.  CONTROL YOUR APPS.  Control your time on your apps, aka instagram.. anything that you spend too much time on.  Once your time is up on your app, then you’re done opening it for the day, and STAY COMMITTED. For instance, I have an hour and a 1/2 to spend on both my fitness account and lovebylynn.  I write captions in my notes, so I don’t spend it on there.  I then will always be productive on it, like responding to comments and DM’s vs scrolling and scrolling.    When my timer pops up, sometimes I’ll ignore it, but the days I’m good about it, my days feel better.   

3. WATCH WHAT YOU CONSUME.  This goes along with number 2.  It’s very easy to watch and watch everyones story on instagram.  It gets overwhelming and overloaded with information if you don’t control it.   There are so many amazing accounts and very informative, but I’ve chosen 5 accounts I consume with stories.  Other than that, I don’t watch anyone else.  Not that they don’t have good information, but it can make you go a little nutty with information overload, which in turn will make you feel anxious and overwhelmed.  So choose your 5!   If you find yourself going down a rabbit hole swiping up, clicking on articles, just remember you have limited time on there!   Usually the content I consume with the 5 I don’t find myself going down that hole because I’ve only chosen 5.   You, of course, don’t have to do this, but just to give you an idea on whats helped me!

Notice how all of these things have to do with our devices!  Our phones aren’t bad, but they’re when you don’t have them under control, just like eating too much of something.  We feel like shit afterwards.  It feels good in the moment, and then once we get done we feel drained, and our mood totally shifts to comparison mode.  It’s like eating a whole pizza, definitely going to feel like an asshole after that LOL. 

So protect your energy!  Save it for whats most important in your life!  I want to show up in areas that matter to me with all of my attention and love.  

Hope you guys like posts like this!  Let me know and I’ll keep sharing them!





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I’ve been following this schedule the last month and it has not only made me feel so much less overwhelmed with daily chores, but makes it seem so much cleaner throughout the week, and very manageable.  So I wanted to share with you the way I break it down, to give you ideas on things you can do in your home.

Things I do EVERYDAY: wipe down kitchen counters, dishes,  sweep kitchen floor, make bed, pick up anything thats around the house and outside, like toys, TJ’s shit, I like a really clean house.  I usually vacuum the front room every other day too.   It gives me mental clarity.

TIP ON DISHES: start your dish washer at the end of everyday, and empty first thing in the morning (I do this while Liv is eating breakfast) this makes it easier to have zero dishes in the sink throughout the day.

I do most of it on Sunday and just little things throughout the week.  And if those things happen to not get done, I’ll do them the following day.  I just don’t want to overwhelm myself with it, so thats why I have it scheduled this way and Oaks is getting more and more helpful the older he gets.

Sunday: DEEP CLEAN KITCHEN & BATHROOMS.  Now, I used to have a cleaner come through and do this for us, but since ya know the current situation, I won’t be having anyone come through for a while.  Anyways, When I say deep clean I mean, sweep and mop floors, removing rugs, wiping down counters, mirrors, bath, walls & baseboards (<walls and baseboards are usually done every other Sunday or once a month) , and showers. I always use THESE GLOVES to protect my hands since I’m using light bleach, I know, I need to get with the oils, but I haven’t yet, no one message me about it LOL… love ya.   And not to mention… this will protect your manicure.  I’ve learned that the hard way. 

GROCERY SHOPPING: TJ does our grocery shopping on Sundays as well, and I send him with a list.  He’s a damn saint and I love him.  But I’ll usually clean out the fridge when he’s out and wipe it all down, throw away any old things, which I hope I don’t have because it’s wasteful, also trying to be more resourceful with our food.  This has helped with that, lately, we’ve been using all the veggies, so there hasn’t been much throwing away of old food.  This preps for the whole week and it makes life easier throughout the week.

KIDS LAUNDRY: I put in the kids laundry and have them folded by that night, they don’t have much to clean usually.  

It sounds like a lot, but it really only takes me about 2-3 hrs when I really focus on all of those tasks.  I do this when I 

Monday:  MY LAUNDRY & VACUUMING: My laundry goes in and gets folded.  TJ does his own laundry. 

Tuesday: CLEAN TOY ROOM:  I still need to show you how I organized this toy room, but it’s made it so much easier to pick up really quick. 

Wednesday: ORGANIZE SOMETHING: this changes every week, depending on whats bugging me that day.  But its something usually small.  Today was Liv’s bows.  

Thursday: SOME INSIDE WINDOWS AND WINDOW SEALS & MIRRORS: those grimy little finger prints on all the windows and mirrors, has to be done twice a week.   It takes me 10 minutes.  I don’t do outside windows.  Just from where I can reach pretty much.  Its just the windows in our front room and kitchen.  I don’t do all windows, but I do wipe off the window seals if they need it.

Friday: TOWELS AND LINENS: All bedding and towels get washed & folded on this day, and most times I’ll vacuum again for the weekend.  It just depends on the level of the kids that come through my house that day.

I’ll do this while Liv takes her first nap of the day and get it all done,  Oaks will watch a show, or help me, or play with neighbors, but sometimes I don’t do any of the chores because work has me so busy, or just mom life.  It’s never perfect, but I do always, no matter what have the daily tasks done.  The more you follow some sort of structure, the cleaner it feels and less cluttered.   I can’t think when my house is a mess, I truly cannot enjoy anything.  It’s just who I am and I’ve been this way since birth.  

Little story, my sister and I shared a room and I would make a line in the room and tell her she can’t cross it because she’s messy.  I also would sleep on top of my made bed because I didn’t want to ruin it and make it the next day.  I would make my sister pick up crumbs off of our floor too.. haha so I’ve always be that way.  

OAKS CHORES:  I’ll have Oaks do things like, help me put dishes in the sink, wipe down counters, make his bed, put away toys, sort his laundry and put it in. You just have to make it a game, like “okay will you put all the whites in this pile, all the black in this pile, all the reds in this pile, and colors over here” he loves it.  Or “okay lets see who can make their bed faster… ready go!”  I usually help him make it but he likes to put on the pillows.  Once Liv is 3, I’ll start showing her things to do, so she can join in. 

Every week isn’t perfect, obviously, but like I said, it’s good to have a some structure laid out to follow, because when you have it planned on certain days, you’re not running around frantically cleaning everything all day.   You know what the schedule is and wait to do it on that day, leaving the stress of it behind you.


Here is the links to my bedding.. The boll and branch sheets are WELL WORTH the investment, they’re like butter, same with the down pillow inserts.  The other throw pillows are from Target. As well as the quilt.  You spend 1/2 of your life in your bed, so I always say to invest in some good quality bedding.