So as you know, from my IG stories I got 3 new piercings on 1 ear for my birthday back in December.  I got my third piercing on my right ear, then I got 2 Helix piercings.  One on my top right ear, and then one below it.  Holy shit, was I not prepared for that pain!  It definitely burned like a SOB.  I got all 3 on the same day.  Now, I’ll walk you through what you need to do to take care of them and what you shouldn’t do when getting them done.


  1. It’s going to hurt for months.  It’s been 4 months and mine are still tender to touch.  Definitely have gotten tons better and aren’t swollen anymore.
  2. You can’t sleep on that ear for a good 2 months.  I still try not to sleep on mine.  I can more than I did even a month ago.  The more you sleep on them, the more likely your chances of getting infected.
  3. YOU MUST I mean MUST clean it 2x a day.  With saline water.  I use contact solution and a qtip.  If you don’t,  you WILL get infected really quick.  I know this because I did!  My helix piercings have been infected 3x now because I stopped cleaning them because I thought they were good.  Even if they’re good, keep cleaning them.
  4. They’ll be swollen for a couple months.
  5. Can’t go under water for 6 weeks.  So I wouldn’t get them in the summer!

Okay, now do you want to get them? Haha.  But no, they’re SO beyond worth it! I’m so glad I went through with it.  I love them! 


  1. You always look put together!  I feel  like these piercings have added so much personality to my outfits.  I can tuck my hair behind my ear and it looks so cute with them popping out. 
  2. It’ll give you a reason to get cute jewelry!  
  3. I love anything dainty!  If you haven’t noticed, I’m not that big into jewelry.  I do love little dainty jewelry though, so I feel like this is perfect.  
  4. You can always have them in!  I never take mine out.  I do to clean them and thats it.
  5. You’ll always have these fun piercings to play around with and find new ways to add in fun jewelry.







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Have a great day!













Loving LPA lately, it’s one of my favorite brands these days.  The quality is perfection!  GRLFRND is also one of my favorite denim brands.  I have THESE JEANS too in the same brand.  They wash great and fit true to size.  I love these shorts, they’re perfect for Summer!

GUYS- I had the craziest/most dramatic moment in Palm Springs a couple weeks ago.   It all happened on Coachella weekend (which I unfortunately wasn’t there to attend) and at the Parker Hotel.  We went there to have a nice afternoon lunch.   We arrived at this cute little 70’s vibe restaurant in their hotel.  People there seemed a bit snooty if you will… they acted like we came from a different planet.  Which is a bit off since we were mostly clothes compared to everyone else.. there was nothing wrong with us.  The table to our left was giving us hard glares and huge eye rolls, because we had taken a selfie (WELCOME TO 2018) everyone is taking selfies and constantly on their phone?  She then budged her husband and pointed at us, they both gave huge eye rolls.  I mean, huh??  Right then we just started feeling out of place.

SO THEN- it gets even better.  We get our great food and my lovely omelette (which was $30.. insert wtf face)  it was a great omelette, but I kinda wanted the chopped salad if I’m being honest.  We get finished with our meal.  I was with Paige and Paige haha.  Photographer and another blogger.  Anyways, we get finished and another table to the right of us (huge group of 6 ppl)  just had gotten back from Coachella and they seemed to be having a good time, drinking margs, having fun, my kind of people ya know?  

BUT OH NO… they got their food and Paige says “oh look at how yummy his chopped salad looks”  keep in mind their food is presented really pretty.  The salad looked like a huge crouton with salad inside.  So then, I turn around and gave a little glance at it and said “oh yum!”   One of the girls (clearly drunk as a skunk)  looks over to us and says with a demon in her eyes…. “WHY DON’T YOU TAKE A PICTURE IT’LL LAST LONGER!!!”  Us thinking… kinda in shock.. almost wondering if she’s joking…??  I look at her and say,  kinda laughing and very nice… “Oh your food just looks really good!”  She then holds up her plate and says “HERE TAKE A PICTURE!!!”  I immediately turn around and wanted to get the fuck out of there.  She then keeps saying a bunch of means shit at our table, and keeps churping away!  “don’t crank you neck!” blah blah blah.  Who knows! I tuned out at that point.  

We dodged the place immediately.  I mean, we were not staring… just little glanced over at their food CLEARLY.  Its a resturaunt, people do that when we’re all eating the same food, trying to figure what to order etc…. DUH.  Anyways,  It’s one of those moments where you wish you would’ve said something.. but then when you’re in the heat of the moment you don’t because you’re in complete shock.  I’m not that kind of person either.  I get super nervous when someone is so aggressive and confrontational… OR RUDE.. like that.   We were totally taken back, but if I were to relive it over again, I wish I would’ve literally gotten up and taken a photo of their food.    What a crazy person right?!  I felt like I was straight out of a reality show.  Who says “take a picture it’ll last longer anyways?!”  ARE WE FIVE??  This woman was about in her 40’s I’d say.  Probably didn’t get any that weekend, and to drunk to even function.  

Had to share that story with you haha.  We were so taken back… I won’t be going there any time soon!  Parker Hotel has bad vibes for me man.  It’s to bad because It’s super cute!  But you also have to pay $5 grand if you want to shoot there… super reasonable right? haha.

But on a fun note, this outfit is bomb!  You guys need to check it out asap!  Cutest summer wear ever!

Have a great day!  Hope you had a laugh!