Friday eve is upon us!  yay!  Can I just tell you that I can’t wait until March?!  It has been in the 50’s and so sunny this week, and I just can’t WAIT until Spring.

Especially with Oaks.  He is going to love it so much!  He loves being outside… although we don’t have a fence (which we need asap) and the dude likes to run RIGHT in the road.  

Every time we go in our backyard, he heads straight for the road.  Mama can’t sit and chill and drink her coffee while the little dude plays haha.  I need to be able to let him roam and be a boy, but also keep him where I can see him. And far far away from that road.

So I wanted to talk to you about these 3 staples that I think everyone should own and have on hand!

Number 1 being some black jeans.  These hudson jeans are the best.  They’re stretchy material, so super comfortable.  They go with everything, and you can wear them for just about every season.

Number 2 is this double buckle belt!  Obsessed. and it is only 24 dolla.   You’ve seen the ones very similar to this that are about $200, so this is a steal!  It makes any simple outfit look so put together and chic.

Number 3 is this jacket AND tank.  Literally I own every color is this hinge tank.  I have washed it time and time again, and thrown in the dryer. And its the same color, same fit… amazing right.  Especially for under $30.  No but really this tank you need to own in every color.  It has been my favorite tank I have ever owned.

The green leather!? Are you kidding.. is that not the cutest.  I got it on sale for 35% OFF!  It goes with every season.  Throw it over a spring dress and it would look so cute.

100% staples!  For sure!  Nothing sponsored my loves, just love love love these.

Have a great day!  always smile and stay positive 🙂


Sara Lynn