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I have been looking forever for a good bootie, thats a stretchy material, that fits nice and tight around the ankle without it costing 10 billion dollars.

AND i did.  Steve Madden does it again!  They come in black too.  I think this might be my favorite bootie EVER.

Another plus about them, is they make your legs look extra EXTRA long.  Which is a good thing.

So, singles out there.  If you wear these on a date, you might want to make sure you like the guy because he won’t be able to keep his hands off you haha :0  oh my gosh, I am an idiot haha. 

But seriously, look at that ankle.  It fits so nicely and has the perfect curve if you get me.   They’re hot for a good price too.

K bye, I am done talking about the booties  Okay, SO anyone follow my instagram?  I sure hope so.  I did a instagram live for the first time today, and I must say… it was so much fun!

I have so many ideas that I am going to share with you on there.  I loved talking with all of you!  It’s like we were face timing but without me seeing you haha.  It was pretty awesome and I love connecting with you guys like that!  It makes it so much more personal.

Any recommendations on what you would want to see from me on there?  Cooking?  Working out? Make up? Anything!  Well, not anything haha but you understand what I am saying.