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The products that I have been DYING to tell you guys about since having Oaks and during pregnancy.

I swear by them. Now, obviously you need to exercise and eat healthy if you want to see the benefits of using them.

I started using the Tummy Butter by Mama Mio while I was pregnant with Oaks.   I am talking, I used them EVERY single day since I found out I was pregnant which was at 8 weeks.  

This cream helps prevent stretch marks from happening.  Your stomach is going to grow quickly and shrink back down quickly, so this helps skin elasticity.  

It’s also going to help soothe that itchy tummy!  I used this cream up until Oaks was 2 months old.  

Guys, I didn’t get one single stretch mark.. not ONE.  Rub this shit all over your legs, boobs and thighs.  Lather it up! 

BUT if I were you I would use the pregnancy boob tube on your boobs too.  I wish I would’ve done this, but didn’t discover it until after I had him, but it was nice to have nursing since your boobs get even LARGER after pregnancy.. It’s crazy how big they get.  You need something thats going to sooth them and prevent stretch marks.

I have also been using this Get Waisted cream on my stomach and Skin Tight Serum.  I have loved both of them!  They keep my skin looking fresh and tight.  They help with that stretchy skin on the tummy from the postpartum belly.  Not to mention it has left my skin SO damn soft.  Like holy cow.  I am obsessed with this Mama Mio line.  Its BOMB.

I use this stuff religiously!  Try it out for yourself Mamas!  

MAMA MIO TUMMY BUTTER (I use on tummy, thighs, & boobs) / MAMA MIO GET WAISTED (I use on tummy) / MAMA MIO PREGNANCY BOOB TUBE  (on boobs)/ MAMA MIO SKIN TIGHT (on my tummy and knees)

Have a great week!  Chat later!


CREDITS: Photography: Paige Nicolle



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