Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to sleep in.  Waking up at 8am was really early to me.  Hitting the snooze button has always been my thing.  Hitting it at least 5 times before actually getting out of bed.. those days are over!  Since becoming a mom I’ve learned to be an early riser.  Early as in 7am.  That was early for me and now I naturally just wake up. 

As you know I work out at 7am every morning, and even 3 weeks ago, I would set my alarm at 6am intentionally wanting to get up at that time, but I would hit snooze until 6:50!  Then grab my clothes and coffee and be out of the door feeling super rushed.

TJ loves Jocko Willing.  He’s a retired Chief Navy Seal.  Hardcore and extremely disciplined.  His book came out called “Discipline Equals Freedom”.  TJ told me to read it.  It’s a field manual so it doesn’t have to be read in order.  Anyways, this book literally changed my life and the way I’ve been thinking lately.  I posted it recently on my instagram sharing how much I love, and I think some of you bought the book already.  Its taught me to wake up early and kick the asses day.  To stop making excuses for the things that will make me better, stronger, smarter etc.   I’ve been waking up at 5-5:30am everyday and working until 6:30am before I go work out.  This starts my day on the right foot!  It inspires me to get the things done that I didn’t want to before and it also makes it easier.  It then makes me feel even better when I get those tasks done so I want to keep going and going.  Now I can’t wait to wake up everyday and do the things that make me feel good.   That give me confidence and life!  That help me become a better mom and wife.  The create a positive light in our home. 

I wanted to share my 5 tips on how to become and early riser.  This is what I applied to my life after reading this book.  My morning goes exactly in this order every single day.  Get up at 5:30am, brush my teeth, put on my gym clothes, make my bed, drink my coffee, read a few pages out of that book, do emails, and work out.  ALL before my little Oaks wakes up and ALL before doing mommy duties.  Here are my 5 tips.

  1. SET OUT YOUR GYM CLOTHES THE NIGHT BEFORE.  This will help you keep you from even thinking about what to wear the next morning.  It will help you make it easier to throw the dang clothes on.
  2. GO OVER YOUR WORK OUT FOR THE MORNING. Every night I will think about the work out I’m going to do, or pick a work out from my BODY GUIDE.  Whatever muscle I’m going to be working, thats what kind of work out I’m doing the next day.  Or you can go save a work out from my fitness IG @LOVEBYLYNNFITNESS.
  3. GO TO BED BEFORE 10PM.  If you start getting up at 5am, you’re definitely going to be tired by 8pm.  The biggest thing for me to keep my mind from slowing down was to put away my phone 30 mins-1 hour before bed.  This means, no social media in bed, or texting or browsing the internet reading articles.  What I’ve been doing is reading  before I go to bed.  One that allows you to not think to much.  “How To Murder Your Life” has been my go to!  It’s so good.
  4. SET YOUR ALARM. And when it goes off, count to 5 backwards… once you say 1 GET UP. Don’t think about how tired you’re, or how comfortable your warm bed is.  GET UP.  Don’t even think.  Just get up.  This is the hardest part.
  5. THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS.  Get dressed,  brush your teeth, grab your coffee, and get moving.  Get that blood flowing and then think about 5 things you’re grateful for.  Can be anything!  I love to start with positive thoughts.  It really sets the tone of the day.

If you’re wanting to be an early riser and love mornings, then try this!  Promise you, I loved sleeping in and hated morning, but now I’m the complete opposite.  Mornings are so nice.  It’s peaceful and it’s a time where you can just enjoy your thoughts and yourself with no distractions.  This is nice especially if you need time to yourself.  Get up before your kids!  It makes the biggest difference in your overall attitude for the day.   

Anyways, hope you loved this post!  Let me know your thoughts about it, or if you have any tips yourself about becoming an early riser.


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I finally got it together and decided it was time I share Oaks 2nd birthday party photos… haha seriously slacking in that department.  So here you are! A month later… he’s now 25 months.  My baby is just growing and growing.  

So the night before his birthday, while he was sleeping, I snuck in there and placed all these balloons in his room so he would be so excited when he woke up.  And he was! I posted it on my IG stories, if you already saw.  He loves balloons so I was so happy to surprise him!  We then made him some yummy pancakes and let him blow out his first candle.  He kept wanting me to relight it, so he could blow it out.  When he blows it out, he goes “YAAAYYY”  and claps his hands.  Cutest thing in the entire world!


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He loves balls, and anything that shaped like a ball.  So of course, I was going to throw in a “Ball Theme” party.  It was super easy to throw together!  Just got foods together that were shaped like balls, and done.  I made these CARAMEL APPLES from scratch with my friend.  Well she made them, I just supplied the goods haha.

I got doughnut holes, cheeto puff balls cheese balls and cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy.  His cake was also from there.  I got his CAKE TOPPER off of esty, and got candy gum balls to decorate the edges of the cake.  I also put little balls in glass jars as a decorative idea!

We had a little ball pit for him that he stills plays in! Super fun. I got the BALLS on amazon as well as the PACK SET.

I had to wake him up from his nap to party, so he was a little cranks as you can tell in the photos, but he got all warmed up after everyone left the party haha.   It was just a super simple party that I threw together stress free.  I didn’t want to stress myself out this year, like I did with his FIRST BIRTHDAY.  This year I could actually just enjoy it and not worry so much.    I did love that first birthday though! So much fun and so cute.

So I get a lot of questions on the little KIDS TABLE I got him for his birthday.  I went with the budget friendly one and so glad I did!  Its so nice and glad I didn’t spend an extra $150 on.  Its cute and he loves it, so thats all that matters.  It’s actually in our kitchen with these cute little Melissa and Doug Toys.  





Hope you loved this post!  Let me know if you’ve got any questions!