A little ice cream never hurt anyone.  

I get a lot of DM’s and questions on if I “cheat” or “you eat so healthy, do you ever have anything bad?”  My answer is always, OF COURSE.  In order to achieve goals and have a balanced life, you must splurge from time to time, or else you’ll go crazy.  There is a big difference between being in such a strict crazy diet, that you feel like you want to eat an ENTIRE IN AND OUT STORE,  to choosing between healthier options from meal to meal, prepping and planning so that you know you’ll stay on track.  And then if you feel like you want something, HAVE IT.   I’m not saying have a milkshake and cookie every day, I’m just saying reward yourself, but don’t overdo it.  Its when we don’t reward ourselves that we overdo it when we actually fall off the band wagon.

Then, you want to know what happens when you do that? You feel like complete shit and a complete failure. I’ve been there time and time and TIME again.  But guess what?  You want to know something I’ve learned from it all.   You aren’t a failure at all. You’re learning and growing and the only way to learn and grow from that, is to actually learn how shitty it makes you feel and avoid it.   Planning ahead of time, choosing wisely.  If you count macros, fit a cookie in if you have to.  My point in this whole post is to have a bite of something or have that chocolate if you’re feeling it.  Sometimes we just need to in order to stay on track.  

I’m at the point in my whole journey, that I feel that I can have a couple bites of a cookie on a Wednesday, and feel completely fine and continue eating healthy that day.  Its on occasions that I do, but I use to just let it DESTROY ME, and then I’d think… “WELP, I already fucked up (sorry mom) so I might as well keep going and eat more….  Can you IMAGINE where all of us would be, if we switched our attitude and mentality switched the flip to, “okay I’m going to start RIGHT NOW”  Instead of “Okay I’m going to just binge all weekend, and then start Monday”.  I’m saying all this because I’ve been there.  I’ve been the starve and binge girl, I’ve been the take exlax girl to poop her brains out to lose weight (haha im serious)… I’ve been the 1200 calories STRICTLY girl from Monday-Friday, and then BALLS TO THE WALL BINGE FEST all weekend long.  Then getting back at it, and feeling like shit until Wednesday and then doing it all over.  To strictly counting  Macros girl Monday-Sunday, but I’d have 3 cheat meals a weekend and I would go balls to the wall… way overdo it because I wasn’t eating enough during the week.  And I’m not saying counting macros is bad at all. It taught me SO many things.  I still do it sometimes.  I highly recommend it for sure.  Read more about it on my post “MIND VS YOU”

Do you see how it got better though, through those years?  It was all a learning experience, through trial and error, falling and picking myself back up again, trying new things, failing, then trying again and again.  It’s been such a journey and such a learning experience.  I’ve grown from starving and binging, to eating loads of greens, eating a balanced diet and having a chocolate when I want it, but not going crazy on it.  I eat when I’m hungry and DON’T OVERDO IT.  I caps that because when you overdo it and put more fat into your body that you’re going to burn off, you WILL gain weight.   

So balance it all. Balance and consistency are my two key words to success.  Find your journey, find what works for you, do what feels good to you.  Experience new things, try it out, eat carbs, but the good ones, stay away from sweets as much as you can, don’t tell yourself you cant have something, or you’ll want it more.

The whole point isn’t about weight, its about how you feel, how you treat yourself at the end of the day.  Its about your relationships, marriage, motherhood etc.  When we feel our best, we look our best and can treat others the best.  

I wanted to share this post because I took Oaks out to Ice Cream on a Thursday and had 2-3 bites and didn’t feel shame at all, I actually didn’t want more of it and felt fine just having those bites.  I also didn’t tell myself I had to go work it off either.  I enjoyed this moment with Oaks and enjoyed those bites.  











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Have a great weekend!







What keeps you going, why do you do what you do?  Do you not know what to do, or maybe you feel in a rut?  

This sounds like one of those medication commercials haha.. my gosh I’m cheesy sometimes.  Anyways, but really.  The biggest thing that keeps me motivated for anything in life, getting out of bed, staying excited about life, doing the things that fulfill my life, doing the things that I don’t want to do really, but I know will have any amazing outcome.  What is your WHY? 

You see, in order to keep progressing and moving forward we must find our  why and keep reminding of ourselves of our why.  Life doesn’t get easier, and you never can just sit back and say.. “okay sweet, I’m where I want to be, so I can just chill”  No, in fact, you have to work even harder, and life always throws those shit holes at you.   In my experience, finding my whys have been the thats my biggest motivator.   Let me give you an example…

  1. Why do I work out?  Because I know the way it’ll make me feel, therefore I’ll be a better mom, wife, sister, etc.  It improves everything in my life, especially the most important parts. 
  2. Why do I get out of bed early?  I know that if I get out of bed early, I’ll start my day off on the right foot.  By having alone time, meditating, working out and ready to take on motherhood.  “5 TIPS TO BECOME AN EARLY RISER”  also help me.
  3. Why do I eat healthy?  I know it’ll improve my health, make me feel good, give me energy, be a good example to others and my son.
  4. Why do I need to be in a routine?  I know that if I stay consistent, it’ll improve my life in all areas and make me feel good and fulfilled. Making small changes day by day, add up overtime.  

Those are just the basics and short answers of mine.  Write this down for yourself and see what your answers are.  Write your WHY’S on a sticky note and hang them where you can see them.  By looking at these things everyday, it’ll continue to motivate you.  Repeat them in your head and give the universe the signal of  “I got you!”. Put it out there, work for it, think it, and soak it in.  

Have you checked out the latest post? my 2 THINGS TO ENHANCE MY MOTIVATION.  Let me know what you guys think!

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Have a great day!