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This weekend we have just done nothing but hang out as a family of three, and I am just loving every second.

If you follow my snapchat, you can see that our fire pit is finally done after weeks of putting it together and hooking it up.

We did it ourselves, minus the concrete that was laid, and the gas line that was put in.

Side note: I will do a reveal of it soon!

Anyways, So we have been enjoying that this weekend with a nice cheese plate and wine.

On Friday night, I just knew it was going to be a weekend full of crazy eating.  It started off with some hamburgers and fries with cubbies, and usually I am all about cubbys.

BUT I was so sick afterwards, and you know that time when you’re like “wow that did not taste as good as I imagined”… Calorie refund anyone??

There really should be a calorie refund and I totally felt that way.

Things got better on Saturday when we had some pot stickers and lettuce wraps. SO bomb.  I am really into Chinese food this week, and you know whats scary about that?

Totally craved that when I was pregnant….. haha but no I am not pregs.

So needless to say, I enjoy life and some food.  

BUT with that said, I get in extra EXTRA cardio when I know I am going to eat like shit.

And I eat good all day long.  My norm.  Then I enjoy a little yumminess for dinner.

On a regular weekend I don’t go balls to the wall like that haha.  Around holiday weekends this is usually how it looks, and thats how it should be in my opinion. 

Enjoy life!  Have a good balance.  Work hard in the gym, eat really good all week and reward yourself. 

With that said, I am going to hit up some cardio so I can enjoy some more cheese and wine tonight by our fire with my cute hubs.

Have a great rest of the holiday weekend!

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