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There is nothing more I love than routine, I’ve found thats the only way I thrive.  I like everything in order and organized, so I can think more clearly. I’ve gotta have a clean space, and so thats exactly how I view my diet.  I stopped counting macros a while back and it definitely was a nice break, but I’m back to counting and I must say I definitely like the whole structure part of it.  It’s like a mini little win everyday seeing those numbers. But I think it’s just a seasonal thing for me.  I usually am very good at it during spring summer and winter, but for some reason during fall time I just start to intuitively eat.  Both are fun!  

Anyways,  It’s much easier than it sounds once you get used to it, trust me!  I used to be so lost, but now it’s just second nature.  You can read more about MACRO COUNTING in the post I did there.

I wanted to share with you 3 simple rules I live by that have made succeed at this healthy lifestyle I’ve created..  So here we go!

  1. WATER.  I drink a lot of water during the day.  It’s so important to drink your water!  Especially right when you wake up in the morning.  That should be the first thing that goes in your body.  I really focus on getting hydrated in the morning.  I do some lemon and pink salt too, sometimes.  But mostly drink at least 2 cups when I wake up every single morning. This will really get things moving, if ya know what I mean!
  2.  NOURISH BODY ALWAYS.  Give your body nourishment! It craves it!  Monday-Friday  I count macros FOR SURE no questions asked.  I made a rule for myself that I won’t fall off the band wagon during the week.  I’ve done this for so long that I just don’t want to, I know how It makes me feel and I know how I want to feel waking up everyday too.  When I feel good I get more accomplished during the week.  Lately, I’ve only been doing 1 cheat meal on the weekend, but used to do 2.  Just really depends on the month!  Now, If there is a birthday or holiday during the week, of course I’m going to enjoy, but I don’t go overboard.  I’ll indulge but also make sure I’m still getting proper nutrients too.  Also, chose your parties wisely.  If its your third time out that week and its your cousins sisters, aunts birthday, you prob don’t need to go.  If you eat out a lot, don’t sweat!  Just ask for a protein and veggies on the side.  If you get a salad, take off the bad stuff like bacon and cheese.  Then do dressing on the side and ask for a lemon to squeeze in your salad, then add a tiny bit of the dressing. 
  3. CALENDAR 7 DAYS A WEEK OF EXERCISE IN: I set my alarm to wake up at 6am everyday to work out.  This way I know I’ll get at least 5 days of those in.  Sometimes I get all 7 which is great, but that rule is a must.  

What are some of your rules you live by? Share them below!  Hope these help give you an idea for yourself!

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Have a good weekend!



One comment on “MY 3 RULES I LIVE BY

  1. Best part about this post was “you can say no to certain outings.”

    I also find that it’s socially challenging to keep a routine. Friends are always like “here she goes ordering lettuce tacos again.”

    This was just what I needed to read before the weekend thank you!


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