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When you get pregnant either your hair grows, or it falls out or breaks off.  Unfortunately, mine decided to go the breakage route… Such a bummer! But ps.. baby was so worth it!   It also didn’t help that I bleached it on top of all those hormones changing my hair.  But hey you will understand if you’ve been pregnant, or  you are pregnant.  You will do anything to make yourself feel better!

So I recently started using Living Proof and it has changed my hair completely and has help stop the breakage.  It’s smooth and shiny and my ends don’t look fried anymore.    I have been using the Restore Shampoo, and restore mask deep conditioner.  I only wash my hair once a week and use those.  

With styling I have been using their restore instant protection to protect my hair from heat.  To control my frizz I use the nourishing styling cream, and for texture  I use the instant texture mist.  That helps with looking my hair look alive and full and not nappy and flat.  I use those all when my hair is damp, and also use the nourishing cream after my hair is dry.  These have all brought my hair to life, and made it feel and look healthier.  I am pretty excited about it!  I was super sad about all the breakage that has happened to my hair, but I am glad I got it under control with Living Proof.  Now that it is healthy I can work on getting it back to what it was before pregnancy with these products!  

You can check out the products they have and what best fits your hair and what you need improvement on here.

Have a great weekend!

*This post was sponsored by Living Proof, all thoughts and words are my own.*



Today, I want to talk to you about my new favorite tool I have been using with my weekly beauty routine.  The PMD is a at home microdermabrasion kit.  No more worries about setting up a $100 appointment to get it done at the salon.  This is only $159, and you can use it in the comfort of your home.  So you save money, and have this forever.  It has a vacuum suction that stimulates your bodies production of collagen, and elastin which tightens the skin.  It will remove the top dead, dull layer of skin, leaving the skin feeling smooth.  It helps control acne, acne breakouts, sun spots, stretch marks, reduces appearance of wrinkles.  When the top layer of the dead skin is removed your skin care can finally penetrate so much deeper into the skin, so your skincare is now doing what it is supposed to do.  Us girls spend a good amount on our skincare hoping to reap the benefits of the actual good product, and I know I get frustrated when it isn’t doing its job!  Then I automatically think its the skincare, but this has made my skincare do what it is supposed to do, and it is wonderful! 
You only need to use it once a week, the tool comes with several colors of discs depending on the intensity you want and what type of skin you have. It is totally safe to use while pregnant.  Each disc can be used 3 to 4 times before throwing out.  It has been the best tool to get my skin rejuvenated, and feeling extra soft! 
They were Nordstrom’s top selling beauty product during their July Anniversary Sale! You can also visit their website to watch any videos on it!  
So guess what?  You can get your very own PMD kit 20% off by using the code “LOVE20” at checkout!
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*This post was sponsored by PMD, all thoughts and words are my own*