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I didn’t start decorating for Halloween until last year, I just always thought it was such a waist of money.  BUT every since having Oaks and see how much he LOVES Halloween and his obsession with skellies, I started decorating last year and now I’m obsessed.  I told myself I would start collecting things now and get a little bit more every year, because lets be honest, it can get really expensive. 

So I wanted to share what I’m doing and how you can start getting a little bit every year.  This is what I started with and it’s SO simple and SO affordable.  The skellie heads, the webs, the little spiders.  All so easy to put together, but make it look super spooky and chic, know what I mean?

Going to link everything by photo and in the carousel, so slide on through each of them to grab the links! 


This is in my entry way as you walk in!  I want to redo my entry way, but this is the halloween decor I’ll keep!  I love to get a few table top things every year, like the haunted house that lights up, or the snow globe.



This one is my table top this year in my living room and the first was my last year.  

I loved both and the spider and web makes it look so spooky chic, going to say that a lot haha.


This is my table top that I posted on my instagram, so simple and to the point!  I LOVE the pampas grass!

My table, chairs and rug for those interested.




I just added the bats this year and let me tell you, its SO simple and cheap that I cant believe I haven’t done this sooner.  It brings so much to your decor too!  Something so simple can tie it all together!

Oaks and I had fun hanging these, I of course was on the latter haha.

I linked that cute black spider lace drape too, because It’d be so cute hung on your mantel!  I think I might get that and add it on mine.

Have a good day!

Sara Lynn

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