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If you missed my last post on OLLY girl vitamins, go check it out!   

Hold up— I wish I would’ve known the importance of vitamins when I was a young girl.. not to mention to stay OUT of the tanning bed.  I mean, my mom did warn me a lot, but at the same time you’re going to do YOU when you’re a teen.  Anyways, you guys know I love a good vitamin.  And these vitamins actually taste amazing and so fruity.   So you’ve have no clue you’re getting all your daily vitamins.  Theses OLLY GIRL vitamins are specifically made for young girls.  It’s so important to to be getting the essential vitamins, and so essential when you’re young.  Your constantly growing and learning so It’s important for us as parents and even step parents to educate our littles and teens, on the importance of it all.  OLLY really does make it so easy for teens and kids to take vitamins.  They’re gummy, and taste super good!  

I’ve known Halle since she was 8, and now she is almost 16!  So glad I’m able to help in any way I can!  She’s in cheer and goes to school so she’s constantly on the go.  What these vitamins have.

5 MUST HAVES; essential vitamins & minerals for daily health & happiness.

ANTIOXIDANTS: Support healthy skin

BRILLIANT B’s: Help boost energy & the good feels.

BIOTIN: Helps keep your hair, shine & nails on point.

If you’ve got a daughter, go check these out! Super efficient and good for them.  

Have a great day!

*This post was sponsored by OLLY Nutrition, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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