After coming back from Lake Powell, I got a few DM’s about what I pack for a baby and toddler.  The thing I’m learning is to pack light, but also enough in case of blow outs.  For a trip like Lake Powell she was in her diaper 80% of the trip, but jammies when we were in the houseboat with AC.  It was 100+ degrees there.  This post is about road trips and what I pack.  I haven’t been on an airplane with both of them yet, but you can use similar items for an airplane.  This road trip is specifically for 5 days, and 2 days on the road (5 hour car ride)


  1. SHORTS:  2 pairs comfy shorts, I like Zara or child hoods clothing (what he’s wearing here)

2.   JAMMIES: 1 pair of of jammies for every night.  I love AVAUMA on Amazon, or Childhoods Clothing , I’ll usually buy Oaks one set a year of Child hoods since its more expensive.  (or more if potty training, just in case of an accident)

3.  T-SHIRTS: Couple T shirts, I like Zara’s

4.   SWIMSUITS:  3 swim shorts, I like Zara, cope and hawk & ollie & squish

5.  IPAD: I use THIS CASE for the car.   I download his favorite show Blippi on the youtube app before we leave town, then I’ll download a few paw patrol, puppy pals or mickey mouse, but they key is to download NEW shows every road trip.  Something that haven’t watched before but you know they love.  I don’t let Oaks have the Ipad any other time, but long road trips.  I made this decision almost a year ago after realizing how much anxiety and moodiness it caused him.  My personal parenting opinion!  It’s just what TJ and I decided we were going to do.  I’ve noticed the biggest difference after using it.  This is turning into a different topic, but I’ll do another post on it if you would like.

6.  SNACKS: COOLER for packing.  I always pack the healthy things first like thinly sliced carrots, small cucumbers (from costco), thinly sliced peppers, back to nature round crackerspirate booty puffs.  Then I’ll pull at the candy and treats in desperate times.  Fruit Snacks, Suckers, Unreal Chocolates, Helicopter Candy toy.  They carry those in gas stations, and we always stop and let Oaks pick one out and it helps out so much.  Also, its candy, but you can’t see the candy so they just think its a toy.  Win win!



  1.  DIAPERS & WIPES: 5-10 diapers for each day & 2 packs of wipes. It depends how much your baby uses up and what age.  At the beginning they poop a lot.  So I planned out 10 a day and I came home with over 20, so didn’t use all, but we were in Lake Powell, so not close to a store.  I use HELLO BELLO.  BTW I love them.  Best diapers I’ve ever used.  I used to use pampers and huggies and this tops them by a lot.  The diaper is so absorbent and the poop barley gets on her bum. 

2.  BREAST PUMP , & BREAST PUMP BRA & DR BROWN BOTTLEI’ll pump in the car so it’s fresh and she can use it if we’re in desperate times. I also pack this wherever I go.   The key is to time it right, make sure it’s their nap time before you leave on your road trip AND DON’T stop the car, or they’ll wake.   This is what has happened in my experience.  

3.  PACIFIER: I pack at least 2.  I have one in my car & one in my diaper bag.  I use BIBS PACIFIER

4.   WHITE ONSIES: a few pairs of onsies.  I’m learning with this baby to always have these on hand, just in case of a blow out. They come in handy wherever you go!

5. ROMPERS (for hot vacay) I pack a couple.   I love Mebie Baby, Rylee and Cru , Amazon, or Zara.

6.  JAMMIES: I pack one for each night. I love Jamie Kay, Quincey Mae, and Amazon.

7.  DIAPER BAG: Burp clothes, wipes, pacifier.

8.  BLANKETS: Two muslin blankets to swaddle at night.

9.  DOCKATOTshe’ll sleep between TJ and I in our bed, so she’s cosleeping in this, which I feel is definitely more safe, but to each their own and listen to your own instincts.  She sleeps like a dream in this thing.

10.  DREAM EGG, OWLET & AUDIO BABY MONITOR: always pack these when we travel.  The dream egg is the white noise.


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