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It has been a while since I updated you on how things were going at this point in time, with my little guy. 

Well, he is now 19 months which is unreal.  Really can’t believe he is growing so fast.  I am sure you moms can relate to that.  I just want to hit pause everyday.   Every time I pick him up in the morning he is heavier, and bigger.  Growing into a little boy, but I want him to stay my baby forever.  

It is important to remember as we go throughout these days which all seem the same, day in & day out,  that really in a blink of an eye they will be so independent & won’t need us anymore… & just like that babyhood is over.  So really enjoy it all, even the hard days.  I ALWAYS remind myself this when I feel like I am about to lose it. 

Anyways back on track.  So back to Oaks.  Most of you wanted me to go over his schedule & what not.  As most of you know I sleep trained Oaks when he was 6 months old.  Breast fed him & co-slept up until then, which was so important to me & it was such a precious time for me.  We have never been so close.   So if you want to read about SLEEP TRAINING in the post I did, then go ahead & read that before this.  This schedule is how that all came about & how it really resonates what he is doing now.

Oaks is on such a good schedule 98% of the time.  That 2% is on sick days, teething days, or just I don’t know what the fu*k is going on days.  So his schedule isn’t perfect by any means, but I will say that I have been able to have time for myself & time with my husband because of this awesome schedule I put him on.

So 6am-7am  Oaks wakes.  Dad usually goes & gets him during the week, changes & feeds him, watches The Good Dinosaur or Moana, while I go work out for 1 hour.   

 8am-11am or 12pm- read, play with blocks, play outside, go to the park.  This time is important to me & I really try & stay focused on Oaks only.  Trying to teach him how to talk at the moment, pointing to things explaining what they’re, reading a lot, & playing the animal sounds game.  I also try to be fully present which means the phone needs to go for a little.

11am/12pm-2/3pm- Oaks takes his naps for 3 hours.  He goes right down with a bottle.  He might wake up a couple times, but I always wait 10 minutes & if he isn’t back to sleep I will go get him.

3pm-8pm- play outside, go to the park, read more, eat some late lunch.  

8pm-9pm- bedtime.  Ever since I started sleep training, they tell you to repeat the same bedtime routine every night.  I have been doing it since he was 6 months old. 

He used to go to bed at 7pm when until about 3 months ago.  Things change as they get older I have learned, & you just have to adapt to what they need.

So bedtime- It goes like this… bath time, usually 20 minutes because he loves baths.  Jammies, then reading & bottle.  Then I lay him down in his crib &  say “night night, love you sweetheart” rub his head & belly & lights out.  That exact routine every single night.

He sleeps 10-12 hrs straight every night, with the occasional night waking here & there like I previously stated.  It isn’t all perfect.  For instance last week, he woke up every 3 hours crying & crying which I believe is from teething. 

Those little hiccups are fine & will happen.  For the most part I am super stern with this schedule & it has worked wonders.   I have no nannies, or babysitters during the week usually, so him being on a schedule like this has really helped me to get my work done.  

It is VERY important that the kid naps haha.  That is how I get my work done every single day, that is how I am able to throw out content, create content for you & chat with all of you daily!   I love what I do, & so was really important for him to get on a schedule so that I could continue working at home.

Plus, like i said, they thrive off routine!  So it is good for everyone involved.

Anyways, going to do some mediating while Oaks naps & then starting my next Meal Plan today!

Let me know how you liked this post!  Have a great day!


Sara Lynn