If there were ever any products you buy because of a post, these should be it!  They’re my ride or die.  I can’t live without them … although I am living without the peel pads and retinol right now due to nursing, but I’ll get right back on that train once I’m done.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some great skin this year.  You deserve it!

If you had to splurge on 1-2 of these products I would tell you peel pads and retinol.  If it were only one, peel pads.  If you’re nursing Vitamin c serum.  Get all if can afford it because they’re life changing.  

ROSE HIP OIL: I put this on every night as a last step to my skincare routine.  Just to give my skin some more moisture, especially in these dry months.  I love the oils and I love the hydration it gives.  I also use this before I use the gua sha tool if I’m wanting to give myself a little facial massage. It has vitamin A in it so I swear has made my skin brighter.  I talk more about it Rose Hip Oil Benefits in that post. 

LANIEGE SLEEPING LIP MASK:  I’m sure you’ve heard about this.  I had to see what the rage was, and it definitely lived up to its hype for me.  I don’t just use it on night, I use it as a lip gloss too. I’m telling you, its bomb.

DR DENNIS GROSS EXFOLIATING MOISTURIZER: Holy crap, this stuff is where its at.  Every time I use it I do a little dance because it just gets it.  It’s so hydrating and feels so good as you apply it.  I love how it makes my skin look after applying.  I’ve used SO many moisturizers, and this moisturizer is something I ALWAYS go back to.  It’s my ride or die.

ELTA MD FOAMING CLEANSER:  I love a cleanser that feels like your skin is clean ,but not too much.  I don’t want to be stripped dry.  This does just that.  It foams up as you cleanse and it’s a little slice of heaven.  I only cleanse my face every night.  I just rinse with water in the mornings.  I don’t want to clean off the products from the night before.  The only time you can find me cleansing in the morning is if I worked out beforehand.

ELTA MD TINTED SUNSCREEN:  This is a gem.  Again, I’ve tried so many sunscreens and this one is my top.  Just hydrating enough, but not too much that you feel oily.  It actually is great for acne prone skin, it’ll clear you up!  

DR DENNIS GROSS RETINOL:  when I’m using this product I can see a difference within just a week.  My skin is brighter and clear, diminished wrinkles too.  This is something I don’t use while I’m pregnant or nursing though.  So if you’re nursing like me, its recommended to wait until you’re done nursing!

DR DENNIS GROSS VITAMIN C SERUM:  If you can’t tell by now, Dr Dennis Gross is my top favorite skincare brand.  This stuff is a gem.  You can use it while nursing and pregnant too because it’s vitamin c.  This will give your skin life!  I use it in the mornings after I rinse with water.

DR DENNIS GROSS PEEL PADS: last but not least, peel pads!  Oh, I swear by these.  I know a lot of you use these too, I tell everyone with skin issues about them, literally everyone.  When I was using this with the retinol combo, my skin was on point!  Pores shrunk, diminished wrinkles, skin clear and bright.  I looked like I drank so much water and slept a lot haha.  I got a lot of compliments when I was using those.  I would tell everyone about that.  These are something I don’t use right now either because of nursing.


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Is Retinol really the cure all?  Well, actually almost.  Did you know you stop producing collagen at age 28? Lovely, I’m 29, but I got a head start, and you should too.  Preventative maintenance is what I believe in.  Remember this post “MAKE HATS & SPF YOUR BFF” .  Start now!

I’ve listened to a ton of podcasts, done research, & asked a few estheticians about the cure all potion, and they all say the same thing.  It’s SO anti aging, and everyone should use it.  

okay, so here is the science behind it…

A retinol serum benefits the skin in many ways.  It is one of the most effective anti aging products available and is also useful to help control oily skin.  Retinol can fade age spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and make skin smoother.  It can help control acne and skin oil production, and even help make your pores appear smaller.  It increases cellular turnover and is a good age preventative.

Retinol is a popular anti aging active ingredient because it is very effective.  Users report a reduction in wrinkles and discoloration, such as age spots.  Some people have been able to completely eliminate fine lines and mild discoloration.  A retinol serum benefits the skin by increasing cellular turnover, which is a major contributor to aging.  As we age skin cells replace themselves at a slower rate, leaving it less able to repair itself from day to day damage.  Retinol also has an exfoliating effect, which can lead to mild peeling and skin flakiness.  Regular exfoliation makes skin smoother and also enhances the effects of skin care actives by removing a dead layer of cells that inhibits absorption.

A retinol serum benefits oily skin by reducing skin oil production.  Its exfoliating effect also helps keeps pores clear, leading to fewer breakouts.  Many users report a smaller pore size with regular use.  Dry skin is a side effect of retinol use, but this makes it possibly the best facial treatment for oily skin.

So, I can honestly say that this is the miracle potion every woman should use.  I recently started using this every other night, and have noticed my pores shrinking, and skin feels very soft with less and less break outs.  Which I’ve had the hardest time with on my chin.  I quit dairy (which I’ll get into soon) and that didn’t really help with the breakouts, but this has.  What more can you ask for?  This has to be the best beauty product on the market.

SO, how much is it?  $40 on amazon.  Not bad, and lasts months.  

Use it once a week, and see how your skin reacts to it.  Then once its used to it, try 3x a week, then every other night, then every night.  Makes my skin on the dryer side since it exfoliates and turns over the cells, so you can have the freshest layer of skin.  So gradually ease into it.  Use one single pump on the face after you’ve cleansed is all you need.

BUT you should also know that you MUST use a sunscreen every single day.  You should always protect that skin, but it’s super important for you to use sunscreen when using retinol.  You don’t want to damage the skin.  I use ELTA MD SPF 46 with tint.  I love this sunscreen so much! Another great anti aging product.  Prevents sun damage (brown spots & red spots) 

Something else to consider is that retinol, like all vitamin A derivatives, is NOT recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. That includes all skin care products, even serums and night creams.  I never used retinol while I was pregnant or breastfeeding.  It’s best to avoid it.  Just wait until you’re in the clear to start using it.  Always check with your doctor first.

If you use this product already, how are you liking it?

Let me know!  Have a great day!