I’ve always been really big into brows! They shape the entire face and make everything come together.  I like them bold and thick, but what happens when you don’t have much to work with. All good because these 3 brow creams are a game changer.  I like to use creams, rather than a pencil.

  1. BROW ZING BY BENEFIT.  Comes with a powder and cream.  You put the cream on first, and then place the powder on top of the brow, sort of like a setting powder, but it makes it more bold.  Comes with two little brushes that I actually love. The cream helps you shape your brow more and ready for the powder.  I used this for years until I decided to try some different ones out. I got the darkest color, but I would probably go with medium now.  Depends on my skin tone.  When I have a spray tan I like to go a little darker, but when I don’t I’ll go lighter on the brow.
  2. URBAN DECAY BROW BOX.  This one is all powder if you don’t like any creams, but the reason I like this is because it’s subtle.  If you don’t like a bold brow, I’d go with this one!
  3. DIPBROW POMADE BY ANASTASIA.  This is the current one I’ve been using and love it!  It’s a pomade, so you can really get in there and get the brow of your dreams! I start from the bottom of my brow to the end, then fill in the base and move to the top.  Ps I’m going to share how I do this in my stories today @lovebylynn, so make sure to watch the tutorial.  I’ll also save it under my highlights under “make up” so you can watch it whenever.  I use THIS BROW BRUSH for the pomade.