Attractive woman gets beauty treatment

Okay, okay I know what SOME of you are thinking… “you’re to young to get botox!”  Let me tell you why I get it and why it is so beneficial.  

Most look at botox like you’re going to look like a plastic barbie who can’t move their face.  Those are the people who do TO MUCH and get other things TO MUCH. 

I guarantee you wouldn’t even know half of the people who get it.  Why? Because it looks natural and their skin just looks super flawless.

Botox is preventative, so its good to start young.  It will relax the muscle in your face so you aren’t making the movements that can cause you wrinkles.

Ever since I started doing it, I have noticed less and less wrinkles on my forehead after its gone.  I have major wrinkles are my forehead so its been a dream to have.  It just smooths it out.  I don’t get it anywhere else.  

I have also noticed that I don’t get anymore migraines, or headaches.  Obviously I will have the occasional headache, but I used to get migraines twice a year and headaches literally everyday and I have not had one migraine since doing it, and my headaches have gone away for the most part.

Lastly I LOVE IT.  I am obsessed.  It makes your face look smooth and flawless.  I go to Spa Trouve in Utah.  They have two locations in Lindon and Orem.  The lady who injects me is Anji and she is a doll. Super sweet.  Everyone there is super sweet.  I have been going there for a couple years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  

AND I got you guys hooked up on a deal.  If you show them this post they will give you $10 a unit instead of the regular $11.  To give you an idea, I have 26 units in my forehead and that is plenty.  

Lastly, I am not telling you to go get it, just sharing my experience with it and why I get it and why it benefits me.  It is completely personal preference. 

Have a good night!