Who is loving this bell sleeve trend??  Kinda really loving it!    As you can see there are only two sizes left in this top, since it’s amazing BUT here are some other ones I found that are equally amazing.  HERE, HERE, HERE.

I wanted to share some tips to feeling and being more confident in yourself.  As girls, we sometimes have a hard time with this.  Especially with social media and everyones lives looking perfect, we get caught up in it, and forget the chaotic not so perfect lives behind the instagram quilt.

Listen, I am not perfect and guess what my life is crazy and I have days where I feel like shit.  I try to show behind the scenes on my snapchat so you can all see this.  

I have done these little things to help me feel better and snap out of it everyday.   

1. Don’t EVER compare yourself to anyone.  In the industry I am in, it is very hard not to do this for various reasons.    It will honestly get you no where, but feeling like shit.   Trust me, I have been there so many times and I am sure a lot of you have to.

Everyone is so different.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone.  It has left me feeling depressed, worthless and sad.   Especially when I was going through my postpartum after having Oaks.  I felt so out of shape, emotional and vulnerable.  I didn’t feel like myself. I talk a lot about that HERE.

Anyways, everyone has their own life journey and plan.  Focus on YOU and only you, and stay in your own lane.  It is good to get advice from others, of course, but stop focusing so much on what others are doing.  Focus on you, your kids and your husband and life goals.  Do YOU.

2. Do what make you happy everyday.  Find anything that makes your soul happy.  What makes you feel alive? What makes you feel pure joy?  I am not talking about like “oh my gosh I am SOOO overwhelmingly happy and annoying about it” hahaha.  I am talking just at peace everyday.  Something that centers you.  

Mine?  Working out.  Getting my sweat in.   I get up, at 6:30am, throw my hair up, brush my teeth, put on my gym clothes, grab a coffee and I am out the door and there by 7am.  I do this every single day, and get a great work out in.  

It has changed my life for sure.  You set the tone of how your day is going to go by a morning routine.  I automatically set my day up to be good one.  And it is!  You really are the one who choses your day and how its going to be run.

3. Give yourself a positive pep talk everyday.  yes, talk to yourself!  I literally tell myself how awesome my day is going to be, and how grateful I am for all the things in my life.  It puts me in such a great mood.  You can write these things down as well.  I tell myself everyday.  I also vision the things I want, and I do something everyday that will help me reach it.

Listen guys, this isn’t to say I don’t have bad days, but I can tell you this.  Ever since applying this to my life, my bad days are very very numbered.   

We really all have bad days, but it is how you handle it thats important.  

Let me know how you liked this, or any tips you have on feeling and being more confident!  PLEASE SHARE THEM BELOW!  Would love to know.


Sara Lynn