Self Care…that includes ice cream 🙂   
This post is sponsored by Halo Top® . All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I think that self care is highly subjective, and this season in my life it’s looking a whole lot of unwinding after the kids go down.  It looks like me with a good book, show, or just simply enjoying silence all with my favorite Halo Top® Pints: Light Ice Cream.  It’s creamy, delicious and guess what? It is lower in calories and a good source of protein! Take ice cream off the no no list, because this is legit. 

They have all sorts of different flavors and types to choose from.  Here’s what they have, k?  That you need to check out.
  • Halo Top® Pints: Light Ice Cream
  • Halo Top® Keto: Frozen Dessert 
  • Halo Top® Non-Dairy: Frozen Dessert 
  • Halo Top® Keto Pops: Frozen Dessert (COMING IN APRIL!)
  • Halo Top® Fruit Pops: Fruit Bars (COMING IN APRIL!)
I’m so excited for the fruit bars! They are coming to Walmart in April! They have 50% less sugar and fewer calories and are made with real fruit.

Halo Top® is a brand you can feel good about! Buy yours now in-store at Walmart or get with your next online pickup or delivery order!!

Thanks for reading!xoxo,Sara Lynn



This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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We have Ice cream all year round in our house because its our absolute favorite! So it’s a given that there will be ice cream served during our Holiday parties!  We contributed to my sister’s party and brought a 15 pack of Haagen- Dazs ® Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Ice Cream bars from Sam’s Club! 
Great for Holiday snacking or desserts. They start with pure, sweet vanilla and blend it with sweet, fresh cream to make it incredibly smooth vanilla ice cream. Then they dip it in a crunchy roasted almond and milk chocolate coating. 

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They’re so good! And everyone enjoys them.  Plus you don’t have to bake anything for your contribution to your holiday parties.  It’s a win win. I especially love how they are each individually wrapped, making it a lot safer to share! The 15 pack from Sam’s Club is perfect for the whole family to share!
Here’s a link to purchase online!!

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Also, I am giving away a $50 gift card to Sam’s Club in my latest Instagram post @lovebylynn! ends soon so go enter! This is perfect so you can try these delicious bars for yourself!!

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