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BINGING.  Why the hell do I do this to myself??  Is what goes through my head, after a binge sesh.  Oh, and yes I have binged many many times.  Countless. 

It honestly is a skill to keep yourself from binging out.  A skill that you have to learn overtime on your own, after much practice and mindfulness, and OF COURSE being very self aware of whats in what.

The constant temptation will always be there.  It always is there! food is life and some people live to eat and some eat to live.  I wish I would just eat to live sometimes haha.  But I love food.  That is why I LOVE macros so much because you can really eat what you want as long as it fits in your macros.

I talk about it on my post “IT”S ALL ABOUT MACROS” & also more on “IT”S A LIFESTYLE”

So how do I avoid to keep myself from binging out?  Trial and error… trial and error haha lots of errors in there.   

First, I hate the way it makes me feel afterwards so I really try and focus on that.   

Second, I ALWAYS snack every 2 hours.  This is SO good for your metabolism and helps speed it up.  It will help you feel fuller and you wont feel as starved.  You don’t want to EVER get in a state of complete starvation mode.  You know what happens when that strikes?  You literally will eat whatever you see first and 20 of them because you feel so hungry.

I know this from experience and listening to my body.  Watch your body and you will notice that as well.   

Third, I make sure to fit a treat in my macros EVERY DAY.  Yes everyday.  I do mine every night.  I call it my late night craving snack.  I will go buy 2 flavors of halo top every week, and have a 1/2 cup every night and switch off the flavors throughout the week to keep it interesting.  

I made my 7 DAY MEAL PLAN to help give you an idea, of how much to eat and how often.  Also, the recipes are so delicious, like Protein Pancakes, Chicken Kale Salad, etc… SO yummy.  I also put a treat in there everyday.  

The trick to not going into starvation mode is to eat every 2 hours.  Pack your stuff with you if you have to!  Make sure you have on the go snacks in your bag.

The last thing you want to do is starve and then binge.  It is SO bad for you, because your body will hold onto anything you eat and store it as fat.  Plus it makes you feel icky.

Portion control your foods, measure and weigh things.  I did a post about that on “FOODS I TRY TO AVOID”

Have a great day!


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In honor of my little guy turning 17 months today (wow!!) I am sharing 3 quick easy and healthy snack/meals for toddlers, that Oaks absolutely loves and hasn’t gotten sick of… so far.

  I can’t believe how fast he has grown. SOOO many mixed emotions about it, as I am sure most you mommas totally are getting it. 

He loves to get on my back and play peek a boo and then run around me and laugh and laugh.  he points to everything and goes “oooo”  he loves pushing his van outside constantly (as you’ve seen on my snapchat) he loooooves outside so thank goodness its warming up!

He knows how to say “mama” and just sings jibber jabber songs.  He always wants his bottle and blankey.  He loves watching bubble guppies and getting up and watching it with his bottle and blankey.  He can run really fast and thinks it’s really funny when you shake your head “no” really fast!

He always wants to drink out of an adult cup.  He can wave bye and he loves to open and shut doors, and throw things (especially out of the bath tub) he also loves turning the fauster on and off even when he isn’t in the tub.

He is THE Best sleeper.. sleeps all through the night and takes 3 hour naps.  Thank goodness for those!  I sleep trained him at 6 months, you can about my REALNESS ABOUT MOM GUILT & SLEEP TRAINING on how I did it there.

He’s a HUGE people watcher and observer.  He also likes to share and will let babies take his toys (hopefully that lasts haha)  he is such a sweet boy and has always been so laid back (thank goodness for my husbands genes)

See below for the snacks!



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You guys know I am all about efficiency and EASY healthy things to make, so here are some quick easy and healthy snacks I have made for Oaks.

NUMBER 1- Black Bean, Quinoa & Guac mix.  I pre-make my Quinoa with chicken broth every week.. It is 1 cup quinoa and 2 cups chicken broth.  Bring to boil and then cover and let simmer for about 15 mins.  So easy to have on hand.

Then I buy the black beans in a can and warm them up a little then put guac, quinoa and black beans in a little bowl and mix it up.  He LOVES it.  Keep trying to give it to your babies.  It is super healthy for them.

They say you should try at least 15 times before they actually will start eating it.  Then they know you mean business and they will start eating it.  

I will also cut avocados and he will literally eat a whole avocado in one sitting.  I started doing that when he was about 8 months.  It took a few times for him to actually like it, but I kept doing it and he finally gave in.  So keep trying and don’t give up!  Especially if it is healthy for them.

NUMBER 2: Mini Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich.  Oaks LOVES these.   I just cut up the banana in little pieces, and put Maranatha Organic Peanut Butter in between and connect them for little sandwiches.  This is the best peanut butter ever ever ever (i think) and It is super healthy with no added sugars like Skippy has. 

Number 3: Snacks on the go- Annies Organic Bunny Snacks (mini bags) & Happy Tot Organic Squeezable’s .  Again, Oaks LOVES these haha.  These are the only squeeze packets he loves and always wants to eat two at a time.  I used to get so mad because I would buy a ton of different ones that went completely to waist because he never liked them, but these are a huge hit for him!

The Bunny snacks are amazing too, because I will just hand him a little bag and he will munch on them.  I love these little healthy snacks on the go.  I have them on hand always in my bag, in case a cranky hunger strike comes haha.

These snacks I have found are the easiest for us and what he loves, so I stick to these things a lot! I will keep sharing Ideas as he gets older, but I have had  a lot of trial and errors with food for him.  Believe it or not, he doesn’t like many unhealthy things, which sometimes I wish he did haha.  But I am actually glad the little guy likes to eat healthy like his mama a dad.

What are some healthy snacks you give your toddler they cannot live without?? Share your ideas in the comments!

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!


Sara Lynn