5 things edited 3

5 things edited 3

My vision for this year is to grow in ways I haven’t yet.  I wanted to really hone in on my spiritual growth and work on any past issues I’ve been shoving under the rug, or toxic relationships I need to step away from.  I really wanted to work on becoming more aware of my patterns and habits.  What I spend my time on and what I give energy to.  So that leads to what I do each morning and night and how I set the tone of my day!  

You guys know I’m very strategic about how I spend my mornings.  I’m in no way perfect!  These things I’m about to share are THE GOAL.  I really try to do this every single day and so far I’m nailing it this year, but that doesn’t mean life doesn’t happen and I don’t do them, because hello I’ve got two kids.  That shit is unpredictable. 

 So here are 5 things I do every single morning before I even touch my phone.  It literally stays plugged in across the room in my bedroom on the floor until the following is done.

  1. Wake up at 6am, brush my teeth and say my morning mantra in my head, here is what I repeat… my body is rested and my mind is clear, I’m going to have a great day, the universe supports my desires today, I’m nonresistant, fearless and open for abundance, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.  I am blessed with a wonderful family and great friends…   I feel like I change them up a lot, but those are the basic ones that have changed my mindset and help me reset throughout  my entire day.  Then I’ll drink coffee and nurse Liv. 
  2. Make breakfast for the kids and myself.  This usually means I feed them and hopefully throw some oatmeal down for myself, but this is a special moment every morning because it’s quiet and we sit and eat together.  Meanwhile I don’t have my phone with me at all.
  3. Make my bed. I’ve always done this.  There is something about making your bed that just gets your life together instantly, am I right?
  4. Send Oaks off to school, put Liv down for a nap.  
  5. Mediate for 10 minutes using the headspace app, journal for 2 mins, then work out.

These things set the tone of my day.  Why?  Because I get to choose how my day goes.  Not by picking up my phone and immediately thinking about what others are doing and responding and reacting to things.    That gives me anxiety just saying that haha.  You’re immediately raising cortisol levels by waking up with your phone.   Think about it this way, would you want 30 people walking into your room RIGHT as you wake up, telling you bad news, asking you how to curl your hair like that, or telling you they worked out already this morning, etc… you get it.  Information overload and that would be so overwhelming.  You wouldn’t want that.  So why wake up with your phone.  It’s just like that. 

You are already on the defense and in fight or flight mode.  Thats the way I look at it and I’ve noticed it just makes me in a bad mood.  We need to cleanse our life from media and phones, just like we need to cleanse our bodies.  We need to recharge and reset or we’ll be a hot mess.  

I’ve also noticed that looking at instagram while I’m around my kids sometimes makes me cranky and I don’t want to take that out on them.  When I look through my DM’s and don’t have time to answer questions it can overwhelm me, which in turn puts me in a bad mood.  So it’s important to not have it around them in the morning to just spend time together before the busy day starts.

By the time I do these things, It’s about 2-3 hrs after I wake up and I’m ready to take on the day.  When bad news happens, or Oaks has several meltdowns, I’m so much more calm. I need to these things for my soul to be a good mom and person to others.  

Like I said, I’m not perfect with it, but I strive to be consistent this year with it!  Consistency is so key with everything you do in life.  

Do we like posts like this?  I just want to share my tips that have helped my mental health.  Up soon is ways to protect your energy!








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