I wanted to share with you some of my recent Amazon finds that I’m into.  I swear I get an amazon package on my porch weekly and kinda forget what I ordered… do you guys do this too?  So you can say am an amazon hoarder.  It’s just so easy with that prime shipping! And sometimes I’ll get it the next day, which is insane and makes me spend way too much money, but I’ve got some goodies that are worth it!  These are all super random! For the Kids and I. 

  1. $10 Work Out Tank this comes in so many colors! How can you beat $10.  I actually think it washes pretty good for how cheap it is, so good buy.
  2. $10 Work Out Tank same brand, but this is a cross back one and the other isn’t.  Same thing, comes in so many colors!
  3. Bpa Free Think Baby Sippy.  I started using this when Liv was 7 months old.  I love it because the nipple seems close to a bottle and it’s super easy for her to grab and drink out of.
  4. Dr Marten knock offs.  For Oaks of course.  I ordered them in a size 1 kid and a toddler size 10 because I loved them so much.  They’re literally the same quality just without the name.  I’m all about buying quality and sometimes knock off can be super cheap and just not worth it.  But I’ve found that these are holding up so well (and they’re kids shoes ya know… they don’t wear them long)  and they’re 1/2 the price! 
  5. GOOtensils.  These are so much easier for babies to eat from, than your normal spoon.  The spoon has the divot so its harder from them to use skills to get it out.  I’ve loved these from months 6-10 months.  Liv is more going for taking pieces of food and putting it in her mouth lately.  More about it in 6 HOMEMADE PUREES
  6. Laird Superfood Creamer.  Guys, this has been life changing.  His products are SO CLEAN and so delicious.  I love the cacao, mint chocolate and regular creamer.   I put two tablespoons in my coffee each morning.  His Instafuel is BOMB too.  I drink that in the afternoons to get work done while my babysitter comes over.
  7. Hu Chocolate.  This chocolate is refined sugar free and dairy free.  No bad stuff in it.  I love the taste of it!  I always like a little something but trying to cut white sugar out of my diet. And this helps so much to do that!  I have a couple tablespoons and I’m good.
  8. Pink Salt Rock night lights.  So these are supposed to calm down the wind down at night.  It’s like a warm amber glow.  I turn them on as well as lamps at 8pm every night.  We turn down all of our lights to get ready for bed and this has helped everyone in the family TREMENDOUSLY. I have one in Oaks room and my bathroom.  I turn his off at bedtime and then leave ours on in our bathroom all night long.
  9. Favorite False Lashes Ever. These definitely aren’t your every day lash, but I mean you definitely can wear them as a day lash, but I only wear these when I go out or take photos.  I’m not kidding, they make your eyes pop! Their is something about the shape. They’re mink too so they are much easier to get them on, rather than that thick stick like strips that I hate. 

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