Ever since having Oaks, I realized how bad my hair had been damaged.  Due to bleaching it and going so blonde while pregnant.

Which was THE WORST idea on the planet.  DON’T drastically change your hair while you’re pregnant. Trust me, don’t.  I wish I would’ve listened to everyone around me telling me that it wasn’t a good idea.

Prior to going blonde, it took me 5 years to grow out my hair to the length I was happy with.  I loved how healthy my hair was.

But man, I really damaged it, so badly going blonde.   My hair broke off a good 2-3 inches.  Was so brittle at the ends, and splitting a lot too.

I knew that I had to baby it so much, and treat it like it was spun from gold.   After a year (15 months) of treating it so well, and not putting any dye on the ends or bleach, it is finally on its way back to normal.  

My hair has grown back a couple inches since then.  Still not back to how long it was before, but It will get there!   But the length wasn’t my overall goal.  The actual health and texture of my hair was.

I didn’t want it to be frizzy or brittle.  Its FINALLY back and it feels nice to have back.

So I wanted to share what I have been doing, that hardly costs anything and is so easy.  The biggest thing is CONSISTENCY.  Always.  That really is the key word to anything in life.

1. NO HAIR ELASTICS, OR RUBBIE BANDS.  I never wear my hair in a hair tie.  If I have to wear it up for a minute in a elastic, that is fine.  As long as it isn’t all day.  Wearing elastics can cause MORE breakage, and that isn’t what you want when babying your hair.  Instead I use scrunchies.  

Lets be honest, my hair is up in these scrunches, just about everyday.  I don’t have a ton of time to do my hair, and its quite messy most the time.


2. TAKE A MULTIVITAMIN & BIOTIN EVERYDAY.   Biotin helps the health and growth of hair, skin and nails.   I have noticed, ever since taking my hair has grown so much in a short time.  Also, I haven’t had any recent breakage.  I take 5,000 mg of biotin everyday.  As always, talk to your doctor before taking anything.  (I am not a doctor haha)  I wouldn’t recommend taking if you’re nursing or pregnant.  


3. DON’T WASH EVERYDAY. I have never washed my hair everyday, just because A. its to much work haha.  and B. the natural oils are good for your hair.  I only wash my hair once a week.  Sometimes twice.  Use dry shampoo if you have to (which I do).

Not washing every day, will also keep you from putting so much heat on it.  If you can, try to limit curling and straightening to once a week.  Use a heat protectant as well.


4.  DEEP CONDITION ONCE A WEEK.  This will help give you the moisture you need in your hair, and tame the frizz.  It also, helps make it shiny.


5.  COLD RINSE.  Every time you wash, rinse out your conditioner with cold water.  This will help seal in moisture, prevents fizz and adds shine!

6. BRUSH YOUR HAIR LIKE ITS SPUN FROM GOLD.   Be nice to that hair.   Don’t brush it so harshly.  Take your brush, grab your ends and lightly brush it from the ends to the root.  This will help prevent breakage, and hair loss.  

Now, this isn’t going to make your hair grow overnight, and not even in a weeks time.  Like I said, you have to be consistent.  

There is no miracle grow for your hair, but these tips I have noticed doing, have quickly made my hair get stronger and healthier, and added some length.

The average persons hair grows a quarter of an inch per month.  So it happens!  Be patient and add these to your routine (if you want!)  

These are the tips that I have used, and have worked for me, so wanted to share it with you.

As always, if you have any suggestions to healthy hair, or hair growth!  Please share them with all of us.

6 comments on “6 EASY TIPS TO HEALTHY HAIR

  1. I like that you mentioned to make sure you take biotin every day. I didn’t realize that it could help your hair grow so much. I have been trying to grow my hair out for months, but I am having trouble. I will start taking biotin and see if it helps.

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