Oh, the journey of hair.  Don’t we all go through phases of wanting to try something new, to wanting to go through a DRAMATIC hair change.. and it’s always when you’re pregnant. Always.   This is the story of my hair nightmare and what I did and telling you guys NEVER to do.  haha..  so here we go.

Once upon a time, I had gorgeous locks that took me 5 years to grow out.  I literally cannot even tell you how healthy my hair was before I got pregnant – well mid pregnancy.  My bangs were the same lengths as my hair.  Lets rewind a bit.   I have lovely thin hair genes.  I was not blessed with gorgeous thick hair.  That department doesn’t exist.  I always had fine thin hair growing up.  Could I have had longer locks?  Most likely, but I was a dumbass and bleached the shit out of my hair, ALL THE TIME.  So I never got that blessing.  I’ll spare you the photos of my teenage hair.   Lets just say it was blonde, crispy and short.

So fast forward 10 years later, my hair was the healthiest, thickest and longest it’s ever been.. ever!  This was when I was 25.    This was all because I decided to change my life aka stop starving and binging… and get healthy when I was 21.  Thats another story, but I started to work out everyday and made healthier choices, got on a vitamin regimen and things were starting to change.  Now, I didn’t eat like I do now by ANY means.  It was the start of my journey.  Over the years, I’ve learned, experimented and have just gotten a lot better in that department because I’m more educated with foods and what they can do.

K, completely going off track.  Lets get back to it.  SO HAIR.

Before I got pregnant, I started to get baby highlights in my hair, which I had dark dark hair, and the highlights were a fabulous little touch.  Then I got pregnant and things started to change, as they always do.  I started to think that I should go blonder, and blonde … and BLONDE.  Hormones started flowing and flowing, and just telling me “GO BLONDE, IT’LL LOOK SO HOT!”  So, I listened… my close friends, and dear sister told me not to do it, and tried talking me out of it multiple times, but those hormones weren’t going to stop.  

This was my beautiful hair before I bleached the shit out of it.

I was 5 months pregnant.. I think? July 2015


THEN…. I bleached it…. I don’t blame my hair dresser at all.  She was great at what she did!  I take complete ownership.  I told her to do it,  I should’ve known better.  My hair is fine and thin.  It can’t handle bleach like that.. ESPECIALLY pregnant.

So I sat in the chair after I bleached it, and could see the hair falling out and breaking off as she would brush it.  And that was it.  I hated my hair and cried so many times about it, it’s not even funny.  I would look back and pictures and pray I could just go back to my old hair.   K waaa waaa.. anyways hahah.


Here is it, about 4 inches broken off…..

OH, and I have extensions in this, so don’t think its full and luscious.  It’s not.  I was just trying to hide the frazzled hair.  But look at those bangs.  They used to be way below my chin and now, they were eye level.  I honestly was devastated about it.  

Oh, and look at my little 2 month old … tear….


So after I had Oaks, and hormones kind of balanced back out, I wanted to go back dark, so I got some low lights and it looked like this (photo below).  THEN I wanted to go back even darker… and well.. it Went BLACK. Seriously?  Eff my life.  haha.  So thats another story I’ll spare you.  

So after this color, it went black, so I’ll just spare you that photo. It was blackest black.  If you’ve followed me for a few years, you know the time.  It was after I had Oaks.  Scroll through my feed and you’ll see that jet black hair.



After all that BS, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I went through all of that as a learning lesson.  I will never go blonde.  Ever, OH and I’ll never change my hair while pregnant.   

So now, after these last 2 years, I let my hair slowly fade away from the black and it did eventually.  I didn’t put highlights in my hair, until 4 months ago.  

And I’m pleased to report, I nursed my hair back to it’s health and it’s grown back!!!  So happy  about it!  So I wanted to share this story with you and share what I’ve been using and eating to get it back to its health.  Scroll down and I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing, to nurse it back to health!






So I made a decision. 

I made a decision that I wanted to baby my hair and grow it back, so here is what I did!

  1. BRUSH CAREFULLY- Be careful when you brush your hair, you brush it like its spun from gold!  Brush from the ends to the root, so you aren’t pulling anymore hair out.
  2. WEAR SCRUNCHIES– When I wear my hair up, its with these hair ties, no rubber bands, or anything thats going to snag or pull your hair out.  
  3. KERASTASE DEEP CONDITIONING- This can only be done in salons that carry kerastase.  I got to Amara Day Spa in Orem, if you’re local.  I do this every 6 weeks, and its been a miracle worker!  It makes your hair extremely soft and shiny.  I totally believe its helped my hair grow quicker.  It’s $30 a treatment.
  4. GET GOOD NUTRIENTS – Drink lots of water, and eat YO GREENS and veggies.  Try MY Fab 4 SMOOTHIE in the mornings. You’re what you eat guys!  And your hair needs these nutrients too.  
  5.  TAKE VITAMINS CONSISTENTLY- Have a routine where you take your vitamins the same time every day.  I take Collagen, Biotin, and a Prenatal.  Collagen is so good for the skin, hair and nails, plus bone health.  Biotin will also, help your hair grow.  Take everyday and try not to miss a day!
  6. WASH LESS- Guys- I know this sounds gross, but wash your hair every 5 days if you can.  Washing it can cause the natural oils to strip that you hair needs, plus who wants to wash their hair that much!  Use a Dry Shampoo if you have to!  I wear mine up 90% of the time anyways.  When I wash I use PUREOLOGY Shampoo and Conditioner, which I love!   I then Use Kerastase Thermaquie heat treatment for a heat protectant, and R&CO High Dive for shine.

These are things I’ve followed religiously for 2 years straight!  You have to be consistent with things in order to see any benefit from it.  These are things that have helped me!  So take this information how you want to take it.  I’m not telling anyone what to do!  You can apply it however you would like.

What are some of your hair tips?  Please share!

Thanks for reading guys!







Ever since having Oaks, I realized how bad my hair had been damaged.  Due to bleaching it and going so blonde while pregnant.

Which was THE WORST idea on the planet.  DON’T drastically change your hair while you’re pregnant. Trust me, don’t.  I wish I would’ve listened to everyone around me telling me that it wasn’t a good idea.

Prior to going blonde, it took me 5 years to grow out my hair to the length I was happy with.  I loved how healthy my hair was.

But man, I really damaged it, so badly going blonde.   My hair broke off a good 2-3 inches.  Was so brittle at the ends, and splitting a lot too.

I knew that I had to baby it so much, and treat it like it was spun from gold.   After a year (15 months) of treating it so well, and not putting any dye on the ends or bleach, it is finally on its way back to normal.  

My hair has grown back a couple inches since then.  Still not back to how long it was before, but It will get there!   But the length wasn’t my overall goal.  The actual health and texture of my hair was.

I didn’t want it to be frizzy or brittle.  Its FINALLY back and it feels nice to have back.

So I wanted to share what I have been doing, that hardly costs anything and is so easy.  The biggest thing is CONSISTENCY.  Always.  That really is the key word to anything in life.

1. NO HAIR ELASTICS, OR RUBBIE BANDS.  I never wear my hair in a hair tie.  If I have to wear it up for a minute in a elastic, that is fine.  As long as it isn’t all day.  Wearing elastics can cause MORE breakage, and that isn’t what you want when babying your hair.  Instead I use scrunchies.  

Lets be honest, my hair is up in these scrunches, just about everyday.  I don’t have a ton of time to do my hair, and its quite messy most the time.


2. TAKE A MULTIVITAMIN & BIOTIN EVERYDAY.   Biotin helps the health and growth of hair, skin and nails.   I have noticed, ever since taking my hair has grown so much in a short time.  Also, I haven’t had any recent breakage.  I take 5,000 mg of biotin everyday.  As always, talk to your doctor before taking anything.  (I am not a doctor haha)  I wouldn’t recommend taking if you’re nursing or pregnant.  


3. DON’T WASH EVERYDAY. I have never washed my hair everyday, just because A. its to much work haha.  and B. the natural oils are good for your hair.  I only wash my hair once a week.  Sometimes twice.  Use dry shampoo if you have to (which I do).

Not washing every day, will also keep you from putting so much heat on it.  If you can, try to limit curling and straightening to once a week.  Use a heat protectant as well.


4.  DEEP CONDITION ONCE A WEEK.  This will help give you the moisture you need in your hair, and tame the frizz.  It also, helps make it shiny.


5.  COLD RINSE.  Every time you wash, rinse out your conditioner with cold water.  This will help seal in moisture, prevents fizz and adds shine!

6. BRUSH YOUR HAIR LIKE ITS SPUN FROM GOLD.   Be nice to that hair.   Don’t brush it so harshly.  Take your brush, grab your ends and lightly brush it from the ends to the root.  This will help prevent breakage, and hair loss.  

Now, this isn’t going to make your hair grow overnight, and not even in a weeks time.  Like I said, you have to be consistent.  

There is no miracle grow for your hair, but these tips I have noticed doing, have quickly made my hair get stronger and healthier, and added some length.

The average persons hair grows a quarter of an inch per month.  So it happens!  Be patient and add these to your routine (if you want!)  

These are the tips that I have used, and have worked for me, so wanted to share it with you.

As always, if you have any suggestions to healthy hair, or hair growth!  Please share them with all of us.