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When It comes to raising your first child, you are terrified.  You have no idea what you are doing, and no one can prepare you for what is about to come, and how much your life is going to change, how you’re going to feel as a mom, how you will recover, how is it going to effect your marriage, and how you are going to get through those nights!

You do, and you take the advice from all those moms out there, whether it be your aunt, mom, sister, mother in law, sister in law etc..

When you use their advice and nothing is working you tend to get discouraged thinking what am I doing wrong.  Well that comes to my first advice I got by one of my good friends who just had a baby 4 months before me.

*Listen to their advice, but always listen to yourself and to your baby.  EVERY baby is different and what works for them.

That is the truth! I have tried so many things that she does with her baby, and most don’t work, because our babies are so different.  Babies needs are all different.  You just need to listen to what works for them.

My most favorite advice I have been getting and continue to get, is … *No matter how hard things get, just remember none of it lasts forever, and to enjoy every single stage because it flies by.

And it has flown by.  Oaks is already 3 months, so basically out of that newborn phase.  He no longer falls asleep on my chest anymore.  Those newborn snuggles are gone.  It goes go by so fast, but I took that advice and used it from the moment he was born.  And I am SO glad I did.

He now is jabbering lots, and smiles so much.  He giggles a little sometimes.  There are so many fun things to each stage and I have loved every moment.

Being a mom is a new emotion I have never felt before, a very emotional one.  You love them so much and worry so much about them.  I know that doesn’t go away, but my advice would be is to always stay positive.

Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough, and worry about what my self worth is, but I have to keep reminding myself I am raising a human being and it NOT easy.  It is 24/7 round the clock job.  You don’t get breaks.  Mental breaks at least haha.

It is harder than anything I have ever done, but the most rewarding.  When they smile back at you it just melts your heart and makes it all worth it.

But all this advice I have taken in and used it and it has helped me stay positive.  Hope it will help you too, because being a mom is the best gift in the world!








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