Have I always loved reading? NOPE .  It really wasn’t until 2017 that I got really into reading.  Mostly love a good self help book and parenting books.  These books I read in 2017 were kinda life changing to be honest.   I was at a point in my life where I needed to keep learning in order to keep thriving.  I never thought I would love to sit down with a good cup of tea and read in my little nook with pillows and blankets.  I guess that means I’m getting older, right? haha.   

It’s not like I read a ton of books, but I read a good amount for just starting my read-a-thon year.  So here we go.  I’m just going to start with the first book I picked up in 2017, because they’re all pretty much equally good in their own way.  

  1. THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A FU*K.  If you haven’t picked this book up, you need to run and rush that into prime shipping mode on Amazon asap.  It doesn’t really sound how it is.  It made me realize what to prioritize and helped me focus on those things more.  While not putting my energy into things that really don’t matter.  Basically taught me how to focus on the good and not give a crap about what anyone thinks of you.
  2. POSITIVE PARENTING.  OMG this book really helped me to not freak over little things and look at the big picture.  These days are fleeting and passing by so quickly, so it teaches you how to not sweat the small stuff and really enjoy these precious days.  As well as being a positive parent and raising them in a positive environment, rather than raising them in a negative home. To try and not  always punishing for the bad and never rewarding and praising for the good.  Anyways, if you guys need more patience with your kids, READ IT.  It’s extremely helpful.
  3. CAPTURE YOUR STYLE.  Is for someone wanting to really give their IG feeds a meaning and theme.  Really helps you brand your IG and make it pretty and cohesive.  Know where to place things and post them.  
  4. HOW TO MURDER YOUR LIFE.  This book is about Cat Marnells CRAZY life.  She was a magazine beauty editor at Nylon (omg I think-one of those cool magazines) Magazine.  I finished reading a few months ago so It’s hard to remember exactly where she worked.   Its a memoir of her whole life.  It’s intense and really fun to read!  
  5. YOU ARE A BADASS. Wow, this book really has some good quotes and an extremely amazing pick me up.  It really helps you stop putting up with your bull shit and live your best life that WE ALL DESERVE TO LIVE.  I feel like whenever I’m reading a book like this, I really apply it and stop making excuses for myself.  I then come to realize how great life is and how I can create the life I want if I really put in the work and stay positive.  Its a book that you can keep re-reading over and over.  Very good!  Highly recommend.
  6. DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM. (not pictured)  This is a field Manual, meaning you can read just one page at a time.  Every page is different with a different topic.  HOLY SHIT. IF you really want to stop putting up with your BS you feed yourself, then I 100% think you should get this one.  This book really made me get my ass out of bed at 6am everyday and get after it.  He’s an X Chief Navy Seal, so he’s AWESOME and intense.  In fact, I need to go pick it up again.  Whenever I’m feeling unmotivated then I pick this book up.



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I know you guys have tried my night tea recipe, but if you haven’t, try it asap!  Will knock you RIGHT OUT. MY NIGHT TEA



Have you read any of these books?  What do you think of them? Share your favorites!

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  1. I have read so many great books recently because of your recommendations! “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F%@#” and “Real Love” are two of my favorites so far. Looking forward to continuing to read along with you in the future! Thanks Sara!

  2. These books all sound amazing! I’ve been wanting to read The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*** and You Are A Badass. They sound so great!


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