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Hey guys!  It’s been forever since I’ve done much on this blog, but I wanted to write up this post and share what I’ve been doing thats helped me recover during this postpartum life.   I learned a lot with my first, and had no idea what to expect.  So I made it a point to have a plan in place before she came and make sure that TJ was on board and my family.   

So I’ve been applying these simple things to my postpartum recovery and I feel it’s played a huge role into my recovery and helping me enjoy it more!  These sweet little moments go so fast so I’m really trying to soak them up!

  1. DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD.  Don’t listen to outside voices and think you should be doing something that you don’t want to.  This time is such an overwhelming time so keep things simple.  I said this in my story, but do what you want to do during this time.  Clean your house, put on make up, not wear make up, lay around all day, don’t get out of your pjs, stay in bed all day, leave the house, go for a drive, go for a walk etc…  Really, none of these things are wrong, and don’t feel like you have to play by someones rule book on how to recover properly.   Do what makes you feel good in that moment, or that day. 
  2. TAKE THE HELP.  If someone offers to bring you dinner, or offers to take your other child or children away from your house to play,  or to come clean your house, TAKE IT.  They want to help you.  Don’t feel bad about it, or guilty.  It gives you an opportunity to have less worry or stress, and enjoy your baby to the fullest.  I was so bad at this with Oaks.  I didn’t want to burden anyone.  So I said no to everything, plus I had such postpartum baby blues that I just didn’t want to talk or see anyone.
  3. BEING MORE MINDFUL/ AKA STOP SCROLLING.  I put my phone AWAY from me when I’m nursing.  That way I’m not tempted to pick it up and be on my phone while nursing.  I just really want to soak up this special bonding time and just be in the moment with it and watch her.   I also haven’t scrolled through social media at all since she was born.  I will look at some stories from time to time, but I just can feel the anxiety get worse when I do this, so I try to just stay off completely.   You’ll fall into the comparison trap and thats the worst thing for you to do during this time!   Everything is already heightened!   I took a break from DM’s for a bit and mostly off of them for now, I still like to post and share on stories with you all.  I’ve noticed the biggest difference.  Being more mindful has been the best thing for me!
  4. LIMITED VISITORS.  This one is a very personal choice, but I didn’t love having any family in the hospital with Oaks.  It made it so overwhelming and I feel that time is just for you and your husband, so I made the choice to have visitors later on, but it was only super close family and for such a short time.   We talked with our family beforehand telling them our wishes that we would like to have them respect, and they were all fine.   There was a little drama from a person I won’t say, but isn’t there always a little fam drama ha.   Anyways, we told them no visitors at our house until we’re ready for that.  It’s been such a nice and quiet time to enjoy my sweet little family.   I’m so happy with that choice and TJ was too.  
  5. KEEP LIFE SIMPLE.  I struggle with this a little bit because I’m such a busy body and like to always be doing something, but I told myself I would SLOW down when she was born and when I was ready to slowly ease my way back into work and take on what I can.  I don’t really get maternity leave with this kind of business I’m in, which is all fine!  But I did want to take this time to slow down and not overwhelm myself even more.   My days are spent, nursing, snuggling, going on walks, and making food.  I’ve been taking on a little work just as of recent, but I feel good about taking a little bit on.  Obviously getting ready for this newborn shoot was NOT keeping life simple ha, but this was a week and a half later and I felt good at that point.  This was the absolute most we have done. 
  6. PLACENTA PILLS.  Guys, OMG these are a game changer.  I’m going to do a full post on it once I’m finished with them, but I’ve noticed THE BIGGEST difference.   The first week I could feel the baby blues, that homesick feeling and anxiety, so I upped my dose and I feel completely normal now. I sleep good, she sleeps good, no depression, I feel energized, happy, content and at peace.  You can read more about it HERE in the post I did.

I believe the placenta played the BIGGEST role.  These things I did on top of it were just icing on the cake.  I think you need to go into it as a huge life change, so if chaos is happening, even if its just the slightest change, you will feel overwhelmed.  Slow everything down and it will help tremendously!









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