First I wanna start by saying, there is SO much shit you don’t need when you have a baby.  But there is also things you should invest in when you have a baby because they’re worth it, in MY OPINION.  What I like, someone else might not.   I’ve found these items for baby to be a huge hit!

So things are constantly evolving and new things come out and they’re a huge hit. When I first had Oaks, (4 years ago) the owlet monitor had JUST come out.  I worked with them from the very beginning, so that is my first and number one must have baby product.

  1. OWLET BABY MONITOR.  This thing stays up with your baby all night monitoring their heart rate & oxygen levels, so you don’t have to!  I know I’d be constantly waking making sure they’re breathing if I didn’t have this.  It’s a life savor, literally.  I don’t know what I’d do without it.  I use this all the way up until a little over a year.  I remember putting it on Oaks too, when it was super sick.  It really just gives you a peace of mind.  I HIGLY recommend this.  
  2. DOCK A TOT. I talk about why I love this one so much, in Liv’s 3 MONTH SLEEPING SCHEDULE,    I’ve slept in her this from the moment she was born to 4 months.  She doesn’t sleep in it anymore, its too small for her now, but she has been such a good sleeper with it. 
  3. HALO BASSINET. I used this the first 4 months of her life, and put the dock a tot in it, for the first 3-12 months.  She slept like a dream, only waking once a night.  
  4. WILD BIRD SLING.  I love this carrier.  I don’t really love wearing carriers when they’re newborn because I have bad anxiety about their breathing situation, so I waited until she was about 3 months to use this when she could lift her head, and I LOVE it.  Watch their “how to”highlight on their instagram and it’s so much easier to understand.  I’ll be sharing how I use it once I get a hang of it more.
  5. MAMAROO SWINGI used this with Oaks and loved it.  This was the only swing that he would sleep in the first two weeks of his life.  It adjusts and has different motions, white noise and a toy that Liv loves to play with.  Both of my babies have been content in this.  Only thing is, I don’t take it around with me in the house because its too heavy and gets annoying to move room to room.  So I bought this cheap baby seat that I can take around the house if I need.  She loves the mamaroo more, but thats just so I can have somewhere safe to set her down around the house.

Now, disclaimer on the dock a tot in the halo bassinet, it’s not safe for sleep, so use your own mama judgement on it and feel it out.  When sleep deprived we’ll try anything.  I felt a lot better about it because I had the Owlet monitor on her all night.  But use your own judgment!

What are your top favorite baby products?

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