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This post needed to happen stat!  It’s what I get asked most.  I’m ALL about supporting small shops, so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places to get her outfits.  Another thing I look for when dressing my kids, is very simple.  No graphics.  The more simple and basic, the better.

  1. MEBIE BABY.  Love everything in her shop. Everything. The colors, the jammies, the onesies, pants etc.  And swaddles are so cute too.  The prints are my favorite.  They fit true to size.  One thing I always look for is plain colors. 
  2. LULU AND ROO.  Love it all!  This one is good for boys too, in fact most all of these I shop for Oaks too.  Just wanted to dedicate a post just for baby girls today.  They have cute peplum tops, sweat shirts and matching pants, cute jammies too.  One thing I noticed is they run small, so size up one size!
  3. COLORED CONCRETE. I love her bows so much!  She has everything. Silk, velvet, neutral colors, lace bows, bright colors, small bows, large bows, clips, etc.  They lay nice on their little heads too.  I hate when bows lay weird and stick up funny on their head.  Hers don’t do that at all!  She’s wearing a colored concrete bow in these photos.
  4. BILLY BIB BOWS.  They have some very pretty bows!  I’ve gotten a handful of them that she’s worn since birth. I have one of their bibs, but I just don’t put bibs on her because they seem like they annoy her, but they have a cute selection.
  5. JAMIE KAY.  This is a pretty new shop!  The rompers and onsies run small, so size up!  But this jumper in these photos is from her shop!  
  6. RYLEE AND CRU.  I get Oaks 2 pieces from them every year and they last forever.  Quality is amazing!  I just ordered her tights and socks from here with a bubble romper.  I love their tights and socks for girls!  It’s expensive, but like I said I just get a couple pieces a year.  All true to size.  I even size up with Oaks so he can wear it for 2-3 years.
  7. QUINCY MAE.  This is connected to Rylee and Cru.  Cutest baby items for boys and girls.  I love everything in this shop and it fits true to size. Love the bonnets!
  8. WILD WAWA. My goodness is this shop so cute.  She has crochet bonnets and crochet rompers with rainbows.  I love the vibe of this shop so much.  I’m getting some pieces soon, so I don’t know the fit quite yet, but I’ll update you!
  9. CHILDHOODS CLOTHING. Cutest cutest jammie sets.  I get a set for Christmas for Oaks every year and plan to do the same with Liv. I also get a T shirt and shorts for Summer every year.  So a cute cozy shop that they will love.  Their clothes fit so well.  
  10. ZARA.  Last but not least, the beloved Zara.  I shop there for about 70-80% of my clothes, depends on which child.. haha no kidding, but I only have a few pieces for  Zara for Liv at this moment.  But that will change.  90% of Oaks clothes are Zara.

I like to splurge on pieces and I love to support small shops.  You’re helping a family when you do this!  So if it doesn’t fit in your budget thats okay!  But I like to budget in outfits from these small shops every year. 

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