IMG_0765 FINALLY…. I put up a Make up tutorial.  This has been a long time coming.  I am obsessed with make up and doing make up.  I have no clue why this has taken me so long.  


Ever since having Oaks, I like the bare minimum natural look a lot more.  Usually if I am wearing lashes when I go out, or if I have a special shoot, or if I feel like it 🙂 which right now in my life, I don’t!  So here we go!

Prepping your face

Step 1: Cleanse your face.  It is so important to prep your face before putting on another layer of make up for the day.  You want to make sure that your face is nice and clean.  I have been using this Meg 21 cleanser, but I also love this Bare Minerals cleanser Step 2: Apply Bare Minerals Bare Haven moisturizer. Step 3: Apply Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46. Always, always, ALWAYS apply an SPF every single day before you apply make up. Thats right, every single day.  Even if its winter.  That walking to your car for 2 minutes will add up over the years my friends.  It is so important to keeping your skin looking young.  No one wants premature wrinkles, or even worse, skin cancer. SO APPLY pretty please. Step 4: Apply Pores No More  This stuff is AMAZING fyi.

Now starts the make up

Step 1: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (I use Pure beige 2C1) Apply with Oval Brush  Step 2: Light Boost Prep & Prime from Mac, Apply with Beauty Blender Step 3: Apply Prolong Wear Paint Pot in “Paintery from Mac on eye lids. Apply with 195 Concealer Brush Step 4: From Buxom Eye Shadow Palette apply “Matte Camel” with 217 Blending Brush from Mac. On eye crease. Step 5: From the same palette, apply “Gold Metallic Brass” on eye lid with Large Flush Brush from Mac. Step 6: From the same palette, apply “Metallic Java” in corners of eyes with 217 Blending Brush. Step 7: Black Track from Mac for eye liner, using the 209 Eyeliner Brush Step 8: Curl your lashes with a Lash Curler. Then Apply Super Volumized Lorel Mascara. White first, then black.  I swear by this mascara.  Its the best! Step 9: Apply Mac “Think Kink” Eye Shadow on the corner of your eyes and below your brows with 195 Concealer Brush. Step 10: Comes my favorite part.  Brows.  Apply Brow Zing using the cream one with the angled brush inside the palette.  Start at the bottom and work your way out.  Then Apply the powder on top with the 266 Small Angled Brush.  Brush your brows UP with the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and then slightly pencil over it one more time. Step 11: Contour with the Anastasia PaletteStarting with the light shade, using the Bare Minerals Dual contour brushApply the light on nose, under eyes, upper lip and chin. Then apply the darker shade with the same brush on the darker side of brush, under cheek bones, on top of forehead, and below jawline.  Use the 219 Pencil Brush to contour your nose.

Finish touches

Step 1: Using the Anastasia Glow Kit apply  “Mimosa” on cheek bones, nose, chin and upper lip with Pro Feather weight Fan brush . You only need a little.  Then apply “Crushed Pearl” In the same areas with the same brush.

Step 2. Apply a little Ben Nye Pink Powder all over face with the Bobbi Brown Bronzer brush. Step 3:  Candy K lip liner and Gloss from the good old famous Kylie Lip Kit.  It is awesome by the way.  It feels like I have nothing on.  So definitely worth the money.  Anyways, she restocks every Tuesday around noon on her website.   Lastly I use Prep and Prime Finishing Mist from Mac.  It keeps my make up lasting longer! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you can keep updated on my work outs, and beauty tips, plus many many more exciting things to come!




IMG_7257 IMG_7278 IMG_7293 IMG_7315

I am giddy about this post today you guys… seriously I have been waiting a while to tell you about the reason I have NO breakouts EVER… and it’s the best beauty product I have owned in my entire life.  

The pillow that changed everything for me… literally. DISCOVER NIGHT has made the most amazing beauty product.  I am not kidding you guys. I have been searching high and low for something like this, and finally came upon this amazing silk beauty.  

Sleeping on cotton can suck the moisture out of your skin and hair…. Really guys. Ugh doesn’t that sound like you’ve been robbed your whole life of a good night sleeps AND you could’ve been saving yourself wrinkles.   Gosh, I can’t believe I have been going this long without this beauty product.  

Not only does this cause wrinkles to form, it also causes your skin to breakout.  When cotton sucks the moisture out of your skin it redeposits it back in causing you to usually wake up with blemishes that you didn’t go to sleep with. 

With the hair, the cotton is more rough on your hair causing your hair to break (more splits ends) and I know I CANNOT afford anymore damage to my hair after all the hormones and change to my hair from being pregnant.  I am sure you mamas feel the same.  I need to save my hair, and treat it right.

Usually when I wake up I have sleep lines all over my face, and my hair is a giant mess and has creases everywhere, and is kinked.  With this, I wake up with my hair STILL curled.  It is a miracle! 🙂  It is so nice.  I don’t have to put more heat damage on it with my flat iron, or curling iron.  

Now is it comfortable?  Heck yes it is. The pillow also sleeps cool between the fluffy memory foam as well as the silk casing.  The memory foam is also significantly lighter and softer than average memory foam.

For all you mommas that have limited time in bed, what is easier then using your hours in bed to best amplify your night creams, or just simply your best features, your skin and hair.  

So I have become obsessed with this thing, and will be taking it everywhere I sleep to have my best hair and skin.  I mean who wouldn’t want that.  I have been using the Pillow FOR HER.  

And guess what?  I got you guys hooked up with a discount of 15% off your purchase!  Use the code “Lovebylynn15” at checkout.  If you care for your skin and hair, which who doesn’t?  THEN get this product.  I am sooooo obsessed.

Think of it as one of the best beauty products you own to keep good hair and skin!  

Have a great weekend!