IMG_0666 (1)If you follow me on Snapchat @lovebylynn, then you have seen all of the vitamins and supplements I take daily!

I wanted to share the benefits of all of these with you. 

Ps… I am no doctor haha.  I just have done my research.  So always consult your doctor before taking anything.

So I will start with all the vitamins.  I have been taking D3 for several years.  It is so important to have enough vitamin D.  Especially when you don’t go out in the sun a lot. 

So being defiant in this can make you feel tired, aches and pains, and stress factors in the legs, pelvis and hips.

Benefits of taking it will help with depression, and weight loss.  

MAGNESIUM.. the best.  So important!  It helps increase energy, calms anxiety, helps digestion by reliving.. you know where this is going.  Clears you out basically.  So gross but we are all adults here and this is a major thing to have a great day!

Also, prevents migraines and is important for heart health.  So its basically a must to take!  

I take BIOTIN to grow that hair and nails, and to have healthy skin.  I started taking it after nursing because my hair was shot from pregnancy, and bleaching (stupid bleach and hormones) so I started taking this and I can already see a difference.  My nails grow like crazy, lashes grow like crazy and my hair is starting to grow back quicker and recover.

I have always always taken a VITA MOM PRENATAL.  Basically since I was a teenager.  Not that I wanted to get pregnant, its just PACKED with all vitamins you need in one!

Now onto the powders!  So I started drinking CALM TEA at night before I go to bed.  Ever since having Oaks (which I talked about in my Self Journal post)  I have major anxiety.  

So I saw it on someones blog and had to try it immediately.  Its all natural which I love. No fake shit.

Also, has magnesium so when I drink that at night I am not taking more magnesium in a pill form.  Its nice to actually drink something good at night rather than just taking a pill, so I chose this.

So it really relaxes me and helps me calm down and get my mind focused on sleep.  I put a little squeeze of lemon in and its so good.

GELATIN.  Basically the bomb for skin health.   Its the new hot thing for beauty.  

It has amazing skin healing properties from its rich source of collagen.  Which is KEY protein in the body made up of amino acids. It also helps absorptions of other minerals.  

I mix it in with my smoothie in the morning.  Either protein drink, or my green drink.  You can’t taste it so you can really put it in anything.

Lastly, ORGANIC HYDRATION.  I have only tried the berry punch flavor.  Oh my gosh I am so glad I tried this.  I was browsing Good Earth like always wanting to try something different.  

I have been using it the past couple weeks while I work out and it really helps keep me hydrated and from feeling super depleted.  Plus it tastes really good.  All natural ingredients! 

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions at all!  I will answer right away.  You can tweet me @lovebylynn, or snap me, or comment below or @lovebylynn on Instagram. 

Have a great day!