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Thinking back 10+ years ago when I was just a young little pup waking up early, going to cheer practice (at 6am), going to class, getting good grades etc… I can’t help but think I wish I would’ve had the proper nutrition I needed, or better yet, I wish I would’ve known how important it was to take on these busy days and how important it is in your young years to start giving your body what it needs to be able to grow, learn and have the energy.   I’m super happy I get to show my step daughter Halle these tasty gummy vitamins that has all the nutrition she needs to take on her busy schedule, of cheerleading, waking up early, going to class, studying and of course, hanging out with her friends.   Her life is just about how my life was at that age!  So I know how busy she is and what will help her.   Girl Power OLLY vitamins are specifically for young girls.  Here is what they have in them.

5 MUST HAVES; essential vitamins & minerals for daily health & happiness.

ANTIOXIDANTS: Support healthy skin

BRILLIANT B’s: Help boost energy & the good feels.

BIOTIN: Helps keep your hair, shine & nails on point.

They contain Vitamin C which plays a role in collagen production (which she’ll thank me when she turns 30 haha)

Supports strong bodies and bones.  Which she 100% needs with all the tumbling, stunts and stretching she does daily.

Supports energy production in each of her body’s cells to keep her energized throughout her day. I could go on and on about this stuff!  Go check it out for yourself! 

Thanks for reading!



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Cannot get of it.  You know how much I love my coffee.  Especially now that I have the busiest toddler I have to chase, plus side note: he’s teething & sleeping the worst so I am running on little sleep here.  But with that said I get shit done & handled with my coffee.

I am always posting what I get on my snapchat & insta stories, and you guys love it & always ask what it is,  So I wanted to make a full post on it.  It is the most simple drink & super good on macros.  When ordering at Starbucks you have to be careful of almost everything on the menu… full of empty calories & sugar.

SO, What to stay away from?

The trick to Starbucks is to order a latte with milk & no added sugars (vanilla, chocolate hazelnut syrup etc..)  Otherwise those drinks will get you.  Most of them are high in sugar, carbs & fat.  All you have to do is google “starbucks calories” & most of them pop up.  For example a Frappuccino Blended Coffee has 51 carbs!!  No thanks.  That is SO much and so not worth it (to me at least)   I would rather have two slices of Aspen Mills whole wheat toast, with some grass fed butter.

SO, what to order?

I always order an Iced Soy Latte w/ cinnamon powder sprinkled on top.  Macros?

Calories: 130, Carbs: 17, Fat:3.5, Protein: 7

Or, I order an Iced Grande Almond Milk Latte w/ cinnamon powder on top.  Macros?

Calories: 70, Carbs: 6, Fat: 4, Protein: 2

Or if you like Milk better, then I recommend getting skim or 2%.  

So I like the Soy Latte better, because the taste is better to me, but if you don’t want to make room in your macros for them then you can get the almond milk.  Still good too!  

If you’re not the BIGGEST coffee lover, but still love drinking it, then get 1 pump to 1/2 pump of their sugar free syrup.  

So since each coffee is over $4, that can get a little pricey if you’re going everyday.  So I decided I would just make my own at home and it actually tastes identical to starbucks!  The photo above is the Iced Soy at home Coffee.  


Add 1/2 cup ice into large cup

Add in 1 cup Starbucks brewed Iced Coffee

Add 1 cup Soy Milk

Stir, and sprinkle cinnamon on top!  & finished!



Calories: 90 Calories, Carbs: 7, Fats: 4

Okay guys, off to do some Headspace meditation for 10 minutes while Oaks naps.  Going to talk about it so soon!  This is only my second day 🙂

Chat soon,


Sara Lynn