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I am sharing this with you today to point out one simple fact.  Things take time.  All things take time.  Patience is the only way to succeed anything great and worthwhile.  

Yes I look great in both, and I am not showing this as a typical before and after.  I wasn’t even trying to change my body after the first photo.  I just started shifting my diet a little more by not drinking any beer haha (I am serious haha), and staying away from added sugars, and simply just putting in more effort in the gym with the help of my lovely guides!  

To the left was BEFORE I started my guides, and to the right was AFTER a year or so of doing them.

I do and still do my 30 DAY AB CHALLENGE and LOVE HIIT BODY GUIDE religiously.  Not the 5 days a week all the time on my ab challenge, but I do at least 3 days a week.  Sometimes I will just do 3 rounds instead of 4 rounds

 My LOVE HIIT BODY GUIDE, I repeat that program every 4 weeks, and challenge myself to get better every month, by upping my weights a little or adding a round.  They’re 4 rounds in each work out, and sometimes I didn’t finish all 4, but I can tell you doing it for over a year now, I complete 4 every time.  

You have to do it at your own pace, and chip away at it little by little.  I focus on 2 muscle groups each day.  That is when you will start to see the biggest change in your body.  AND not just your body.  You will feel so much better, have more energy, have a clear mind and just flat out awesome.

Just a little more effort every single day.  Little by little I will chip away.  Still living life and enjoying myself.  I don’t completely restrict myself from foods I want either.  My 7 DAY MEAL PLAN, has helped me discover new ways to eat.  I talk a lot about my MACROS in this post you can read up on.

The whole point of this post is, that change happens slowly.  Progress happens slowly.  If you put in the time little by little everyday, make healthy choices,  you will start to see your progress slowly happening, and then all of the sudden you look back and realize how much you have changed.  

Another reason why I HIGHLY recommend taking progress photos.  We become blinded by our progress if not, then we start looking at the scale and blah blah.  Do me a favor guys?  Just stop getting on the scale.  Don’t get on it.  If you want to, then limit it to once a month.  

Muscle weighs more than fat, plus water weight happens and the scale… it just doesn’t matter! Can I also tell you another thing??  To the left I weigh 121.  To the right I weigh 126.  I feel better at 126!

K going to wrap this up guys, but I just wanted to share this because I want you all to see that it takes time!  Don’t get overwhelmed by it.  Just take it one day at a time.  

Please share your journey with me on my guides!  I want to be with each of you every step of the way.  You can connect with me on here, by email, through DM. I LOVE talking with you and hearing your stories!  I am here to help and answer any questions you have!  You can Visit my New LOVEBYLYNN FITNESS website and read up on all my guides, AND I share a peek at each page on my guides, so you know what you’re getting.

Chat with you later! 


Sara Lynn


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I was testing out a way I could make something delicious and with chocolate, so these protein cakes are simply amazing!  You will be so surprised how good they’re and most importantly you will feel guilt free.   They are packed with protein.  

So just look at it this way, you are basically making your own clean protein bar from home.  No added sugars!

Makes 3.

1/2 cup Almond Flour

1 cup Almond Milk 

1 tbsp Cocoa Powder

1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder

2 drops Coconut Stevia

1 Ounce Dark Chocolate Discs

3 Cupcake Cups

Coconut oil spray or Light Olive Oil Spray

Optional: 1 Tbsp Coconut shreds


  • Mix all ingredients together.  If you need to add more almond milk for consistency, then you can.  Should be creamy.  
  • Spray each cup with oil, then pour mix into each cup evenly.  Place in freezer for a couple minutes.
  • Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in microwave or stove top until creamy.  
  • Take the protein cakes out, and pour 1/2 tbsp onto each protein cake. (Optional: sprinkle coconut shreds on each cake)
  • Place the cakes back into the freezer for 10-15 mins.  


They should be a little hard, if you want to eat them like a bar of chocolate, then peel back the cup and enjoy! 

If you want to eat them a little softer, place in the fridge for a 3-5 minutes before eating.  Will be slightly sticky, so you can eat with a fork if you would like.  

SO good!

Macros per cup 

Calories: 129

Carbohydrates: 11

Protein: 8 

Fats: 6.3

Let me know how you like this recipe!  It is so yummy!  Have a great weekend!


Sara Lynn