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It’s no secret that I’m a huge lover of all things skin.  It started at a very young age for me.  I started really taking care of my skin when I was 15, from one of my good friends growing up.  She taught me all the basics!  So I started taking off my make up with the good ol’ dove cream make up remover, and using clinics line, morning and night.  I got in the habit of doing it twice a day, and loved doing it.  I’ve always been highly obsessed with skin.  

Nicely applied make up starts with your skin.  SKIN comes first.  So what can you do to keep your skin from premature aging?  Over the years I’ve protected my face, neck and hands so much so that I haven’t had any signs of premature aging… (knock on wood).   It’s so important to start taking care of your skin while you’re young so that you’ll have long lasting youthful skin! 

A little background though, I used to be a HUGE tanner in high school… (BARF)… didn’t we all though? I feel like that was a thing?.. No? ha.  My friends and I would walk to the nearest salon after school and just bake the shit out of our skin in those deadly beds.  We would even put the little heart stickers below our belly buttons, just above our panty line… ummm.. (NO)  Kinda trampy if I might add.. haha.  You guys know the stickers.. you know those things.   Anyways, you could visibly see that the tan line, we tanned so much!  Nowadays you have to have your parent WITH YOU while you tan under 18.  SO smart.  Wish that was the case in my days.  So all that tanning wasn’t smart!  But now that I’ve grown I know the importance of it!  

But it isn’t JUST washing your face morning & night that will keep you from aging.  I wanted to share 3 simple, but affective AND affordable ways you can add this onto your skincare routine, and it will help keep you from premature aging.    

  1. STAY OUT OF THE SUN WITHOUT PROTECTION &  ESPECIALLY TANNING BEDS.  Use SPF. EVERY SINGLE DAY.  A good one without all the chemicals.  I use ELTA MD UV CLEAR SPF 46.   Even in the winter months… every damn day guys.  You wouldn’t believe how much the UV rays damage your skin.  They cause sun spots (those ugly brown spots) on your face, neck & hands, and cause wrinkles (the leather look)  guys– speaking of the leather look.  I used to work at a few tanning salons, so I know the look.  Its barf guys. Barf.  I wanted to lather every one up with sunscreen, and send them on there way out.  Thats another reason why I’m so careful because I’ve seen it firsthand!  Worked in 5 different salons from ages 16-23, and stopped tanning at 21.  So don’t do it!  SPRAY TAN GUYS.  Those are why I look tan all the time.  Use ST TROPEZ rub on.  SO GOOD.
  2.  WEAR HATS.  The bigger the hat the better.  Whenever you go out, Wear the hat as MUCH as you can.  You will thank yourself at age 40.
  3. DRINK WATER. LOTS of water.  Seriously, such a great way to keep your skin hydrated.  I can totally tell a difference when I’m not drinking enough.  My skin feels extra dry, and I live in a dry state (UTAH) so I drink tons of water.  I got this 40 oz bottle that I fill up 3x a day.  You’ll need more water if you work out.  So thats why I drink so much.    

SO, sounds super simple right? Well, it is.  The issue we run into is consistency!  You’ve got to keep up with it.  Make it a habit!  Creating healthy habits go a long ways, and you’ll be so glad you did. 


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Happy Tuesday guys!  It is GLOOMY here in Utah, & cold.. which is bringing me to sip on some warm coffee.. I don’t mind it though.  Nice break from the heat.

So I wanted to just simply share 10 random things you might not know about me & my life.. 

1.  I started blogging 2012 & wore the most hideous clothing…. So embarrassing.  I don’t encourage you to scroll back to 2012 haha.  But hey you gotta start somewhere.

2.  I love food.  LOVE food.  Have a hard time keeping myself from to much food on the weekends.

3.  I have 2 step kids.  My husband had his first at 19, got married & then had another.  They are two years apart.  The first is Tyson & he is 17.  Halle is 15.  Crazy right?   They’re such good kids, & super grateful for that.

4.  Back in December we had Tyson move in with us permanently.   It has been a journey to say the least, but he helps with Oaks & it’s so fun to watch Oaks interact & bond with him.  He loves Tyson! All & all I love having Tyson live with us, & getting to know him better.  It’s fun to see him bond with his dad.

5.  There is no one behind the Love by Lynn brand helping right now, just my husband & I.  Mostly little ol’ me.  Hoping to bring someone on very soon, as we expand!

6.  I am 1 of 5 kids.  I have 1 step sister , 2 brothers, & a sister.  My sister & I are VERY close.  We’re 16 months apart and I’m so happy about that.  Praising my mom everyday for that!   It’s been so fun growing up with her.  We’ve never been closer than we are right now, & it just keeps getting better.  She’s my best friend.

7. My parents were divorced when I was 24.  An ugly divorce, it was one of the hardest things my brothers, sister & I went through.  Everything is all good now.   They both got remarried, & it’s all good now.  

8.  Had an eating disorder from the ages 19-21.  Starve & binge… starve & binge.  Would work out, but nothing would happen.  I wasn’t feeding my body with the right nutrients, plus everything I ate was immediately stored to fat, since I wouldn’t eat all day & binge late at night.

9.  Favorite bad food?… Fries, & chocolate.

10.  Last but not least, I struggle everyday with getting myself to get ready haha.  #momlife

Okay guys, hope this post wasn’t annoying, but I wanted to get REAL & let you guys in on more about me.  Let me know if you liked it!  

Have a great day!