This time of year I love to pull out all my reds, plums and darker shades!  I’ve been wearing these specific shades for years and some are brand new.  I’ll share my daily wears and then some for Holiday shoots and parties.  So here we go!

BEST RED: RUBY WOO– this red is so bright and beautiful.  It’s not shiny red, or deep red, it’s bright and has the perfect shade, its a matte color. The thing about this red, is I’ve noticed it looks good on all skin tones which is awesome for red, because usually you have to have the right red for your skin tone.  I’m wearing it in this photo above, but it just pops right when you put it on and makes your teeth look super white.  You can also get the LINER with it which I highly recommend.  I apply that first.  Makes it less messy to put on.   You always want to use liner for darker shades.

VIVIA GLAM 3: this shade is deep darker pink/beige.  I love this for daily wear too, but it looks so pretty with all skin tones.

BURING IN LOVE: this shade is the perfect deep purple/beige.  I love this combo so much, it’s so pretty! I wear during the day as well as night.

OG: guys, this one has to be my favorite out of the bunch because it’s not just for the Holidays, and it’s something I wear all day.  It’s a matte as well and is more of a very subtle purple/beige color, SO subtle.  I’m obsessed with this shade, and again, I’ve seen it on many skin tones and it’s one that looks amazing on all skin tones.  

FESTIVAL: this one is the perfect subtle pink/beige.  If you haven’t noticed I love a good hint of beige/brown-ish color in there if you know what I mean.  This one has also been a GO TO of mine lately.  This one is a good all day wear shade as well, it’s also matte.  I have a thing for matte.  But the good thing about matte is you can throw a gloss on top and it looks shiny instantly!  My favorite glosses are hands down BUXOM GLOSS, which brings me to my last one!

MUDSLIDE BUXOM: this gloss goes perfectly on top of ANY of these shades, or any lipstick shade for that matter.  It’s the perfect rose pink color and makes your lips look so full!





What are some of your favorite lip shades?  Share with us! 

Have a great day!







There really is nothing like a good lip shade.  Once you find that perfect color for you skin tone. I’m all about natural shades and more neutral.  I wanted to share my 3 shades I’ve currently been using that I think go well with any skin tone!  Its honestly taken me a while to get here and it depends on the trends, but you really can’t go wrong with these.

#1 REALLY ME   Its like a nude/mauve color, really stubble mauve.  I love this color! I wear this a lot, it can honestly be worn day or night.



Of course, I like Kylie Jenners lip collection.  I mean, who doesn’t lets be honest.  Her lips are bomb.  We can’t deny that.  Love her liquid lipsticks, but to a minimum.  They dry the shiz out of those lips.  

#2 CANDY K  I honestly love this shade so much.  I like to use the liner instead of the liquid lipstick, because it doesn’t make my lips dry.  This also can be worn day or night.




Of course, another Matte of Mac lipsticks.  I love Mac matte lipsticks best.  I just love Matte all together.  I’m not really a glossy kinda gal.  If you use a touch of gloss over matte, that will help with the dry lips situation.  

#3 NATURALLY TRANSFORMED  This is like, a dark peachy nude.  I really love this shade.


Also, just found the cutest LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS holder for your vanity.

Hope you have a great day!