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OKAY.  So heres the thing. I love my snacks, I gotta have my snacks.  I can’t go in between meals and not have something else to look forward to eat, or munch on.   The thing with me is I like EASY & EFFICIENT.  You may not know this, but I feel super lazy when it comes to making things for myself.  I mean, lets get real… who has the time to be making food all day? NOT ME.  The reason I say this is because you can ALSO eat super healthy without having to be preparing 24/7.  I like to make mine ahead of time, plus have a protein bar every now and then.  Here are my 3 GO TO’s that I reach for.

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1. RXBARS.  NO BS BARS- I love these bars because I know whats in them & know that I’m not getting anything added, like extra sugars.  You always want to read labels and make sure that the ingredients are readable.  If it starts to get to long, and you don’t know whats what.  My guess is, it’s probably not the most nutritious choice in the world.  Another thing you could do is look up the ingredient, if you really want to get into it.  But with that said, It’s not like I deprive myself from things either.  I’ll have another protein bar, like ONE bars, or FIT JOY bars.  They aren’t that bad every once in a while.  But just keep in mind of the extra sugars. 

DARK CHOCOLATE CHUNKS– To add to my number one, I also like to eat just plain dark chocolate chunks.  SO good, and it helps me feel satisfied when I’m wanting something sweet.  I’ll have a tbsp usually.   It has 7 fats, 4 protein, and 14 carbs.



2. EGG WHITE CAKES– I did a post on these a while back, but I want to bring it to your attention again.  If you have a hard time hitting protein, you gotta make these!  I pre-make them every week, and put them in the fridge and just heat it up when I’m ready to eat one.  I’ll pair it with avocado and some cholula sauce!  Go check it out.



3. PROTEIN TRUFFLES– I also did a post on these as well, but they need your attention again, because they’re bomb! If you missed the post, there you go.  These are also high in protein.  Think a homemade protein bar, but 10x better and more fresh.  They’re so delicious.  I pre-make these as well for a whole week, and they’re easy to grab and go.  If you just set aside an hour to prep your food for the week, you are set for the entire week.  All you have to do is grab and go!  So worth it. SO go check out those recipes!

Hope you enjoy!  Let me know how you like them.  Have a great weekend.


Sara Lynn








SWEATER (wearing medium) / SHORTS (CUTE HERE & HERE)




Which means—- lots & lots of road trips.  So happy you’re finally here.  Now, we love you & all, but you dick up our eating schedule, & tempt us to eat junk.  Can we all agree?  I have the hardest time with being on the road & not reaching for a bag of chips to munch on.  Next thing I know, I am mindlessly eating out of boredom & already half a bag deep.


Well, FIRST thing– I won’t eat straight out of a bag.  EVER.  I know myself, & I know I will eat way more than I should.  Making me feel like a pile of junk.  

Next, PLAN AHEAD.  I pack all of my goodies in a ZIPLOC BAG & make sure I just pack enough for ONE serving.  This will help you stay on track by avoiding eating the whole box.   Eating a 1/2 box of Cheez-its isn’t going to make you feel good.  From experience…. (my last road trip–which was a couple weeks ago).  So just try to avoid that as much as possible.

So here are 10 SNACK IDEAS FOR THE ROAD…..

1. Pack a huge bag of VEGGIES.  I love munching on carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas & sweet peppers.  – I like to munch on them when I get bored in the car.  Which is a lot, so I’m constantly munching away.  (I used to do ice—but that isn’t good for the teeth)

2. Pack 2 serving size of RAW NUTS.   That is the healthiest for you, so my favorites are, ALMONDS, WALNUTS or CASHEWS.

3.  Slice up 1 APPLE W/ 1 TBSP ALMOND BUTTER OR PEANUT BUTTER.  Pack serving size of butter, in tupperware like THESE.

4. 1 Serving of SKINNY POP or HIMALAYIN SALT POPCORN–  I like these two because they’re low in fat & carbs, plus you’re getting a lot for the serving size.   For example,  you get 2.6 cups of the himalayin per serving.

5. 1 Serving size of POP CHIPS.  This BBQ flavor is so good, and much better than greasy lays, or doritos.  You get 18 Chips per serving with only 15 carbs.  These come in little packets, so you don’t have to put these in a ziploc– unless you buy a big bag.

6. MASTER BREW KOMBUCHA–  Guys, if you follow me on Snapchat you know my love for these.  They’re so good.  1 whole bottle only has 14 carbs, so it’s nice to sip on.  Makes you feel a little fuller too.

7. BERRIES– Such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries & blackberries.  SO good for you— All HIGH in antioxidants and polyphenols, which help fight chorionic disease.   AND They’re rich in fiber & vitamin C. 

OKAY– Now, if you want something sweet…. hummm, chocolate—y?  Well here you go!

8.  CHOCOLATE PROTEIN TRUFFLES–  The recipe is linked for you.  Packed with protein & you get your sweet little fix.

9. RXBARS– Love Chocolate Coconut, Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon & Maple Sea Salt.

10.  DOVE DARK CHOCOLATE BAR-  If you’re like me & need a little chocolate, then have HALF of this bar.  Or the full–whatever you want.  If you do macros–fit that in haha.  So One bar is 220 calories, 24 carbs, 2 protein & 13 fat.  A lot of fat in one serving, but can fit into your daily macros, if you would like it too.  If you chose to eat half, then it’s 12 carbs, 6.5 fats, 1 protein-11o calories.  

After all- we gotta have a little treat on the road!

The biggest thing I’ve found for myself,  is PREPARE for the road trip by packing snacks.   Like I said, sometimes I dick up & it leaves me feeling like a sluggish asshole.  That is OKAY.  But when I don’t I feel in control & awesome I didn’t dick it up.

So give these a shot & let me know how it worked out for you!  What are some of your ideas for not overeating on the road?! Please share!


Sara Lynn