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IMG_8756 (1)I know how overwhelming it can be when you see someone have a 6+ step process for skincare morning and night.  I use about 5 products at night (MY SKINCARE ROUTINE) and 3-4 in the morning.  I never started out with that many.  In fact, I only use to cleanse, moisturize and use sunscreen.   I would highly recommend starting small for those so brand new to skincare, so I wanted to put together a 3 step routine you can start with, if you’re looking into taking better care of your skin.  So HERE WE GO.

  1. CLEANSER. Elta Md Cleanser.   Cleanse in the morning (ONLY IF YOU HAVE WORKED OUT) cleansing can dry out your skin, so If I haven’t worked out in the morning I just rinse with cold water a few times and go onto the next step, but I ALWAYS cleanse at night of course.  I usually cleanse in the morning after I work out.  But like I said, if not, then I don’t.
  2. MOISTURIZER.  Dr Dennis Gross Exfoliating Moisturizer.  I’ve been using these moisturizer for a couple months, and LOVE IT. Not heavy, but creamy enough to get the job done.
  3. SUNSCREEN.  PAleeeeease wear sunscreen. Everyday ALL day, in the winter, summer, fall, spring.  I’m telling you, it’s so important.  Who wants premature aging, wrinkles and sun spots? NOT ME.  WHY I WEAR SPF EVERYDAY.  I LOVE ELTA MD UV CLEAR WITH TINT.  I’ve tried many, and thats my favorite!
  4. ROSE HIP OIL.  This oil will actually do the opposite and make you LESS oily and prevent breakouts.  Thats a whole other blog post, but get it!  I swear by this stuff.  I use this only at night, on my face hands, neck and chest.

THATS IT FOLKS.  But really, 3 simple steps to start a good routine.  YOUR JOB? BE CONSISTENT FRIENDS. This is so important.  It’s just like with anything else.  You want results, you must have consistency.   Once you feel like you can add in something else, add in a serum after cleansing at night OR better yet, Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads (LIFE CHANGING!) but don’t overwhelm yourself.  Start slow!

What products do you guys use you swear by?

Have a great day!