THIS product, Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant has changed the whole game for me.  It’s cleared up my skin, and most importantly left it SO soft.

I normally have very dry skin in the Winter, but this has saved me. It moisturizes, while exfoliating.  The great thing is, is you can use it every single night.

It deep cleanses, and detoxifies your pores.  This highly-active resurfacer delivers your smoothest skin ever, and helps fight the environmental triggers known to accelerate skin aging.  You will literally have THE MOST smoothest skin of your life using this.

My pores have shrunk, and I have smooth skin, plus who wouldn’t want to scrub their face with this tiny little grains every night!  It feels so good.

I use this after I cleanse every single night.  I wet my hands and face, then pour a tiny amount, about a teaspoon, and rub my hands together creating a nice paste.

Then you’re going to rub all over your face in circular motions, for about a minute.  Then rinse and continue with the rest of your routine.  

Super easy, efficient and very effective!  My style!  

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I recently switched up my body wash and lotion to the new Aveeno Skin Relief Gentle Scent Collection.  I have really sensitive skin in the winter, so it gets extremely dry and flakey, and this has helped out so much! It’s specifically formulated to soothe itchy, dry and sensitive skin.  And it does just that!

 These dermatologist and allergy-tested formulas are proven to be as gentle on sensitive skin as fragrance-free formulas. Not to mention the two new scents are divine! I could literally eat it up!  You know that yummy nourishing coconut smell that just takes you right back to summer?  Well this is what it makes me feel like.  I love when smells remind you of happy times.

 The soothing oat & chamomile has been my favorite for my night showers.  It’s a calming scent, and I love that. Guys! You’ve got to try it out.  Get rid of that dry itchy skin, it’s SO uncomfortable. I know I don’t love it.  Getting through the winter months has been tough with sensitive skin, but I am so glad I found  these Aveeno products to help with soothe my skin!

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