IMG_0796You know I love a good spray tan.  

I have done it all I swear.  I used to spray people for business, so I have done airbrushing all the way down to drug store rub ons.

I am here to tell you that not all of it is good.  No one wants to look like snooki season 1 here.. am I right?

Mystic tans aka the actual booth in tanning salons.  Those can go oh so wrong, but they can also go good if you get the right tone, AND follow these tips.

Shower and exfoliate the shiz out of your skin with the Mama Mio body brush.  FYI it is the BEST, plus it feels so good.  

Some say not to use lotion before getting one, and from experience it doesn’t make a difference, other than you are super dry and itchy for the next few hours.  So lotion away, or don’t, its up to you.

Use these Spray Tan Shoes before getting in the booth.  Believe me, I have had one to many times where the bottoms of my feet turn dark brown.  Tj likes to make fun of me… and then says I am gross, so don’t do what I did haha.

RIGHT after you get out, wipe off your feet, hands and face with a baby wipe.  Lightly tabbing away, or if you think its going to be to dark, wipe it off a little more.

This goes for any spray tanning, whether someone is doing it with a gun or not. 

I have found that it doesn’t make those parts of my body crazy dark, and turns out just the right tone on those areas if you follow that tip.

If you think it looks good and not to dark then you don’t need to follow that rule.  

Don’t shower, do the dishes, swim, bath etc.. for at least 6 hours after the spray.

For the next week, lotion up a couple times a day.  You want to make sure you aren’t getting to dry, or else your tan will flake off splotchy.

HUGE rule of thumb to keeping the tan lasting longer, is NO baths.  Just shower quickly.  It will come off spotty if you do this.

Also, its recommended not to exfoliate until your next spray tan.

Unfortunately getting in the water, like swimming in the pool, lake, ocean whatever it is.  It will make your tan come off quicker… I know I know lame sauce.

But I found the solution for that! 

St Tropez Self Tanner is  Again, like I said I have tried A LOT of self tanners.  This one lasts SO long and the color is just right.  Not to dark, and definitely NOT orange.

Its a mouse, and I use the Applicator Mit to apply the mouse.  Starting from legs and up.

I use this every couple weeks, or if I have some event, party, photos whatever I use it every week.

Another trick I have been doing is applying Jergens Natural Glow every day after the shower.  

I have found that this keeps my tan lasting SO much longer and just gives me a nice glow.  Which I love. 

When I am about to use the St Tropez again, I just stop using Jergens 3-4 days before and start exfoliating.

This will get rid of all dry skin, so that you have nice smooth skin to reapply over, keeping it lasting so much longer.

When you have a nice tan, everything just seems to be going right if you get me 🙂 

Outfit looks good, attitude is on point, hair looks good.. you see what my point is.

If you just so happen to have the best tone of skin, then you lucky girl.  If you don’t like spray tans but want a little color, use the Jergens natural glow.  It will give you just a tiny glow, and nothing dramatic.

So, please let me know if you have any more questions at all! Leave a comment here, email me, tweet me, snap me whatever you want.  I am here to answer any questions you might have about this post!