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This post has been a long time coming!  I have my recommend 5 pieces of equipment for a good in home work out, but I don’t have one specifically for what I did to get my home gym together.  This one is more extensive and more of an investment, but totally worth it, especially the circumstances we’re under.  If you have the finances to do it, if not, that post I made on the 5 pieces of equipment is for you! 

So luckily, my husband works in the gym business, so we got all hand me downs, super old equipment, but still good.  I’m going to link each product thats in the gym, but it’s not going to be the exact one.  Very similar though! 

RUBBER FLOORING: there is all types, but this is one thats very similar.  Make sure to measure your area before buying.  We had to cut ours to get it to fit in our third car garage area.

MIRRORS: you’re going to want to get something like THIS to hang them. We have 2 large mirrors.

WEIGHTS: I personally like the metal handle rubber weights.  I would recommend getting 5lbs all the way to 20lbs.  Those are the most used.  If you have to choose 2 sets of weights and you’re beginner, I would try 5 and 8 pounds.  Then add in heavier if needed. 

BENCH: so crucial to have!  You can do so many things using this bench!

RESISTANCE BANDS: I have XL which is light resistance, then medium which is medium resistance.  I use the medium the most!

PILATES BALL:  This I use a lot for ab work!

BOSU BALL: This is so good for ab work and balancing

MEDICINE BALL:  Lots of fun HIIT work outs you can do with this.

TRX STRAPS: I haven’t used as much lately just because I know most don’t have these in home, so I haven’t shared as much, but they’re super fun to use!  

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Whose ready for some pie eating though?  I know I am!

I wanted to talk with you about “Holiday Eating” and how to “stay on track”.

I put that in quotations… because, well, it’s just really hard to stay on track during the Holidays.

BUT  I will tell you this.  You can still enjoy it while staying on track.  You might gain a couple pounds… or three, BUT don’t let it get crazy out of control.

When I say this, I mean.. don’t go on a binge fest for a whole week, eating leftovers and what not.  

My week this week, is to eat my 7 DAY MEAL PLAN, and by Thursday, I am going to enjoy the day to the fullest and not worry about, but I also don’t like to stuff my face to where I feel sick. 

For December, and the whole month, I will eat my meal plan, and save my cheat meal for whatever Holiday foods I want by the weekend.  Sometimes I will cheat twice on Holiday weekends, but I will try not to over eat or binge out.

That’s what I mean by keeping it under control.  Eat slow, listen to your body, and enjoy, and STOP when you’re feeling full.  Or don’t, it’s all up to you!  These are just tips and suggestions. 

Also, I am upping my cardio this week to help me stay on track.  I feel that has helped a lot in the past!   

Most importantly, just enjoy and don’t be to worried about it.   Hit the gym in the morning, and the next day, and work a little harder!

This post plays a lot into my post about Vacations “STAYING ON TRACK, WHILE STILL ENJOYING”

 Have a great day!