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Thinking back 10+ years ago when I was just a young little pup waking up early, going to cheer practice (at 6am), going to class, getting good grades etc… I can’t help but think I wish I would’ve had the proper nutrition I needed, or better yet, I wish I would’ve known how important it was to take on these busy days and how important it is in your young years to start giving your body what it needs to be able to grow, learn and have the energy.   I’m super happy I get to show my step daughter Halle these tasty gummy vitamins that has all the nutrition she needs to take on her busy schedule, of cheerleading, waking up early, going to class, studying and of course, hanging out with her friends.   Her life is just about how my life was at that age!  So I know how busy she is and what will help her.   Girl Power OLLY vitamins are specifically for young girls.  Here is what they have in them.

5 MUST HAVES; essential vitamins & minerals for daily health & happiness.

ANTIOXIDANTS: Support healthy skin

BRILLIANT B’s: Help boost energy & the good feels.

BIOTIN: Helps keep your hair, shine & nails on point.

They contain Vitamin C which plays a role in collagen production (which she’ll thank me when she turns 30 haha)

Supports strong bodies and bones.  Which she 100% needs with all the tumbling, stunts and stretching she does daily.

Supports energy production in each of her body’s cells to keep her energized throughout her day. I could go on and on about this stuff!  Go check it out for yourself! 

Thanks for reading!