Reaching the third tri just feels so damn good!  I’ve survived the first trimester, so I can definitely survive the  third trimester.  Nothing can be worse than the first trimester.  Right??

First you’re sick to death, smells are horrible, everything makes you want to throw up, you just feel so chunky, no one can tell your pregnant and you may not have even announced yet.  Not to mention your hormones are going WILD with all of these sudden changes your body is trying to adjust to. You haven’t seen or heard the heartbeat yet, (well until you reach 8-10 weeks)   You look in your closet and fit okay in your clothes but still don’t feel cute and anything you put on is uncomfortable.  You just want to be naked and lay on the bed like a whale basically.  I feel you!  Not complaining at all and so grateful, but its damn hard.

The second trimester is pretty much cake, so theres that.  Well, once I hit 20 weeks that is.  So basically 20-28 were badass.  Felt so good!  Now, I’m getting slightly uncomfortable and can’t breath sometimes, annnnd what else?? OH my sickness is slightly coming back too.  YAHOOO, lets do this shit.    But did I mention its way better than the first, so theres THAT.

The joys right.  Can’t wait to have that little girl in my arms! That is what is pushing me through.  Also taking cute bump shots like this is making it super fun too!  This could be my last pregnancy, so I’m just really trying to soak it all in, the good and the bad!  After all, you really get the biggest gift life can give.  There is no easy way to get things that are worth it, especially a fresh little human that comes right out of the vajay ha.   We are awesome you know that?  Us woman rock.  We’re so STRONG.

I wanted to share some little alternatives I’ve been testing out this pregnancy.  You have to give up cocktails, wine etc… if you drink.  I’m a social drinker, I just like to have 1 in  my hand and I usually only end up finishing two at the very most.  Who doesn’t love a good buzz, right?   I’m just going to jump right into the alternatives!  Here we go!

  1. COCKTAILS for MOCKTAILS.  Well duh sara, but here is a recipe that you’ll LOVE.. MY MOCKTAIL RECIPE.  Just think placebo effect.
  2. COFFEE for ZIPFIZZ.  Honestly, you can still have caffeine when pregnant but limited.  Since we already have reflux just coming up at all times, coffee is going to make it way worse, trust me.  I tried and just couldn’t do it anymore.  So I switch to the lovely ZIPFIZZ, its a good way to get energy (lord knows we need it) and another way to get vitamins PLUS its fizzy so it feels good going down.
  3. BOTOX for JADE ROLLING.   This helps SO much with pregnancy fat face, aka being so swollen from holding all the water weight that we get near the end.  So I started this a couple weeks ago and have noticed a huge difference.  I miss that botox, but this totally helps diminish wrinkles and helps stimulate the lymphatic system.  WATCH THIS VIDEO on how I do it.  So simple, just takes me 2 minutes every morning.
  4. ALPHA BETA PEEL PADS for MANDELIC ACID SERUM.  Unfortunately, there has been no studies on the peel pads to whether or not they’re safe, but my doctor just said he wouldn’t use it for that reason if it’s not worth the risk.  So I definitely didn’t feel comfortable to continue to use them.  So I switched to mandelic serum which is all natural and specifically targets hormonal acne.  This totally saved my skin!  I rarely break out using it. 
  5. HYDRAFACIALS, CHEMICAL PEELS & MICRONEEDLING for VITABRITE PEELS.  I go into Whitney at Spa Trouve in Orem and get Vitabrite peels.  This has the mandelic acid serum in it and will help with your hormonal acne, as well as brightening up your skin (which lord knows we need that during pregnancy).  I don’t want pregnancy to totally wreck my skin then have to play catch up after, so I’ve been doing these every 4-6 weeks and it’s helped so much.  If your budget doesn’t allow you to afford this then just get the Mandelic Serum, or do this a total of 2x during pregnancy.  Totally safe for pregnancy.  It’s basically the only thing you can get in any spa.  Besides fluffy facials, but who wants that?  

I’m sure I’ll figure out more of these, but feel free to leave a comment if you have a suggestion on something and an alternative for it!









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Have a good day!


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