SO it’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally sharing my experience with getting my teeth done!  I’ve been wanting to do this for years now.   I saw a friend of mine get hers done with someone local that she really loved and it was by Dr Thomas, so I started looking into it more.  My teeth have always been smaller, and instead of coming out and seeing them when I smile, they go slightly in so it always look darker in my mouth and teeth never looked big and bright like I wanted.  I also chipped my tooth when I was younger, completely in half and had to get a filling on it.  You can see which one I’m talking about just by looking at the photo.  And another reason I wanted to get them was because you can get ANY shade you want, therefore I got the brightest shade there was!  They don’t stain EVER, so give me all the coffee and wine please!  Never have to whiten them again.  

My teeth were not bad before!  It’s not something I NEEDED, but something I’ve always wanted to get done!  I’m so happy with my smile now.  Just a little enhancement!  If you want to get something done, GO FOR IT.  Don’t worry about what others think.  If it’s going to boost your confidence, why not.

Obviously, these are an investment and not cheap!  So if you’re thinking about doing them, look into it and make sure you know exactly what you want!  What look you’re going for etc.  Or if you don’t go, visit Dr Thomas and he can help determine what would look go on your face!  Everyone has a different smile, face shape etc.. so It’s hard to know what looks good on you.  

Which brings me to my next topic.  Let me breakdown the whole experience for you.  Dr Thomas gives free consultations, so you can send in your photos to him and he’ll send a video back explaining what they can do for you.  You then will go in and talk more on what you want and he’ll put on some fillings to kinda give you what feel you’re looking for.  This compost he puts on, you can remove right away. 


After you’ve gone in you can decide whether or not you want to go for it.  If you decide to you make an appointment for the next step.  The way they do it is they shave down your teeth and put the temporaries on top.  They either can either numb you up or just put you out.  I obviously am pregnant so I just went with the numbing.   Didn’t feel a thing. Put on some of my favorite podcasts and just relaxed.   This process took about 2-3 hours total.   Was I nervous?   HELL YES.  I thought twice about doing it because I was so scared, but I’m so glad I went through with it.  They make you feel SO comfortable and his office really is the best!  They make you feel like family and right at home.

I didn’t have any pain or discomfort afterwards.  Some do and some don’t.  I had SOME sensitivity but nothing that affected my day or mood.  The temporaries are put on to help give you ideas of what you want to do.  During this time I looking up photos of examples I wanted and really got specific with what I wanted.  You need to get VERY specific.  I’m picky and pain in the ass so I went through 3 sets of temporaries over the course of 3 months.  They were SO accommodating to my needs and very patient with me.   This is a big life change so they get it.  

So you’ll wear the set of temporaries for 1-2 weeks.  Then you can come back and tell him what you like or don’t like.  If it’s a drastic change, like a change in the size of them or shape, then he’ll do another set of temporaries to wear.  If its just a small change like color and you want them a tiny bit smaller, then they can get that done in the permanents. 

I wasn’t specific enough in the beginning and so thats why it took a couple tries for me!  SO BE SPECIFIC!   

But with all that said I LOVE THEM.  I will say it took me a minute to get used to them because they’re so much bigger than my regular teeth.  It took about a month for me to absolutely fall in love with them.  But i love them and I highly recommend Dr Thomas!  Like I said before his office is SO welcoming!  They’re so sweet and care how you’re feeling about the whole experience.  They made it fun!  I always loved going in and visiting with them!  They really are the best.

IMG_1174 (1)

IMG_1175 (1)

Now I asked you guys if you had questions and you did!  So let me get into those now! 

DO THEY FEEL DIFFERENT?  Yes they feel different, it took some getting used to, but not in a weird or uncomfortable way.  I got used to them SO fast.  Now I don’t even notice and they feel just apart of me now like my real teeth.

WERE YOU SCARED?  Yes!  But it’s a big life change, it’s okay to be nervous.  Like I said before, Dr Thomas’s office made it so comfortable.  It was so exciting once I got the process going!  Everything is always worse leading up to things because our minds tend to take us to worse case scenarios!  But everything went so smooth and there was nothing to be scared of. 

THE COST?  Like I said before, these are not cheap!  Definitely an investment!   So I got porcelain veneers and each tooth is around $1,500.  You can get composite and thats $750 a tooth.  The difference is Porcelain looks better and lasts a lot longer.  But if you have  smaller budget then composite would be a good option!  I’ve seen them done and they look great!

CAN YOU GET THEM WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT?  Yes. Because I’m pregnant and got them done during my second trimester. 

WHATS THE MAINTENANCE?  You treat them just like you would your real teeth!  Brush, floss, rinse with mouth wash!  Nothing special.

DO YOU NEED BRACES BEFORE?  In rare cases they will recommend Invisalign, but you’ll need to meet with them to see!


Let me know if you have anymore questions at all!



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