There is so much we carry around in our diaper bags because we think we need it, but I’m here to narrow it down for you!

I use the Freshly Picked Convertible Diaper Bag and LOVE IT.  I know it’s quite pricey, so I got other choices for you that are similar to this one with size and compartments, because the compartments are needed so you can easily organize and find what you need.

Fawn Design


Skip and Hop

Ju Ju Be

SO first thing I have in there is my Hello Bello Diapers & one pack of wipes.  GUYS I love these diapers and wipes.  They’re free from harsh chemicals too.  I got the idea from you guys actually, so thank you!  I signed up to get diapers sent to my house every 4 weeks and it’s a dream.  It worked out great and I ran out right as they came.  But feel free to try them from that link first, before subscribing to their actual site.  Just to make sure you like them.

SUNSCREEN: I love the Baby Bum Sunscreen Stick and their lotion.  I always ALWAYS have sunscreen on me.  I’m not into the sun, I don’t lay out, nor do I want my babies ruining their skin.

HAND SANITIZER: I use Baby Bum hand spray.  It’s the best.  Just spray it on my hands and the kids hands when I need to.  It smells amazing and I also sprayed everyone hands who holds Liv.  I love Baby Bum because their products are free of chemicals, they’re coconut oil, aloe and shea butter based.

TEETHING TOYS: wooden teething rings. here, here, here, here

HAND SANITIZING WIPES: I use these two to wipe off Oaks hands, every time we leave a playground or outside park.

SNACKS FOR OAKS: Back to Nature Round crackers, sliced up carrots, pirate booty puffs, yum yum suckers (for when in desperate times), I don’t keep all of these in my bag at one time, but one of those snacks & the suckers for sure at all times.  

BABY LOTION: I love the Honest Lavender Lotion


LIP MASK: LANEIGE ip mask.  If you’ve never tried this, you need it asap!  I use it for a gloss throughout my day.  To freshen up.

LIPSTICK: Whirl by Mac.  I love this color, it’s like a purple/beige, but SO subtle.  Put this on with  a little lange on top.  So good, trust me.

SUNSCREEN: Paulas Choice Sunscreen. I’ve been using this and its SUPER lightweight.  I apply on my hands, arms, and neck.  I don’t apply on my face when I’m out and about because I usually have make up on.

FAN: because it’s damn outside and my Liv loves this! 

BUG SPRAY: because you never know.  I get eaten alive!!  So this spray is from hello bello and so good.  Free of chemicals.

SELFIE STICK: this is how I take most of my photos!  It’s the best ever!

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