Okay, lets be honest with ourselves here.  We all want our body back pre-pregnancy.   There should be NO shame about that.  It’s when you’re obsessing over it and let it ruin your day that it becomes an issue.  You can love your body, all while trying to feel better and feel healthier.   There is nothing wrong with that.  WE all need to progress in life. 

There is one thing that I wanted to jump right back into after having Liv, and that was my diet.  I just felt crummy during pregnancy, and wanted to get back to feeling good.  I knew this was through the nutrients I needed to give my body.   I felt so good after having her, like I could go running.  I healed SO QUICKLY, all thanks to taking my PLACENTA.  But I really wanted to get back into eating healthy.  

A little back track.  I used to count my macros.  I was a huge macro counter.  But not one of those who weighs everything they eat.  I did measure from time to time, but I wasn’t a complete freak about it.   It’s okay to do this when you want to cut down a little, but I just feel its no way to live!  I feel like macro counting is so good to try, it taught me portion control and what was in what, carbs, fat and protein wise.  I’m more aware of how much sugar is in what and what to stay away from.   Is this to say I’ll never do it again, no, but I feel like I did it for SO long that I just know what my body needs.  

If you’re interested in counting macros, READ THIS POST.

Anyways, for my fellow macros counters, GO YOU.  I think it’s great and at the end of the day, do what works for you.

Here is a list of my goals for myself and then I broke them down. 


  • BE PATIENT. I’m not going to rush myself.  Going to honor my feelings.  If I feel tired because I’ve been up to much with my baby, then I’ll honor those feelings and give myself a break.  I’LL NEVER WORK OUT AS A FORM OF PUNISHMENT.  This is something I’ll never do. I’m going to move in a way that celebrates my body and what it can do, not punish it because I want it to look a certain way.
  • EAT HEALTHY.  Now this is an OBVIOUS one, but I’ll get really specific with you.  I’m going to listen to my body and what it craves.  This means also listening when I eat something that isn’t sitting well with me.  Such as dairy.  Dairy products don’t sit well with me anymore.  First off, they make me break out, second they make my gut hurt. So see ya dairy.   I’ll eat veggies in ABUNDANCE.   My goal is to eat AT  LEAST one veggies at every meal.  Go to my IGTV on MY INSTAGRAM and watch “how I prep to eat more veggies” super helpful.   Eating lean proteins, eggs, my green smoothie, not eating too many grains such as breads.  Replacing with fruit and quinoa as my carb.   My 7 DAY MEAL PLAN was created after I lost the baby weight and toned up after having Oaks.  It’s SO DANG SIMPLE to follow.  So simple guys.  If you’re just starting out, I HIGHLY recommend it.  
  • EATING A BURGER AND A COOKIE.  To keep sane of course.  I usually do this once a week.  I’m eating food to enjoy life.  And having these things every once in a while is great!  Just not every damn day.
  • CALENDARING IN 3 DAYS AT THE GYM & 3 AT HOME.  I’m scheduling out these days in my calendar and making it NON NEGOTIABLE.   I work out 1-2 muscle groups and do 20 sets on each muscle group doing 10 reps of each.  Making it hard enough to have a hard time complete the last 2 on each set.  So to break it down, 5 sets of work outs doing 4 rounds with 10 reps each.  I have examples @LOVEBYLYNNFITNESS.  The days I work out at home, might be a little different, but the point is, I’m going to put in effort and make it happen.  We all have the same hours in a day, it’s just what you do with those hours that matters. These are MY 5 PIECES OF EQUIPMENT FOR A GOOD IN HOME WORK OUT.
  • EACH WEEK SETTING A NEW HEALTH GOAL.  So for example, I cut out refined sugar one week and it was non negotiable no matter what.  A funny thing happens when you tell yourself a story.  You’re the narrative for your story.  If you keep telling yourself “oh I could never cut out sugar”  then you’ll never cut out sugar.  Tell yourself you can and make it happen.  This week I’m drinking more water, so I have my huge jug of water that I told myself to refill 3x.  

Everyday I’m making an effort to chose better for myself and health.  I want to set a good example to my kids and I never want to be SO restrictive in front of my kids, ESPECIALLY now that I have a daughter.  I want her to enjoy food in a way that is good, and in a way to say “hey it’s okay we have bad days, and it’s okay to enjoy sugar every once in a while”.  I’ve been down the starve and binge, starve and binge train, and I’m not going back there.   I’m in this for the long haul!  I’m moving forward in my life to make better choices every single day.  It’s not about fad diets, it’s about lifestyle and what I’ll stick to forever.  I’ve been following this since after Oaks and I’ve maintained such a healthy lifestyle for myself, so I’m sticking to it. 

It all boils down to you.  You are in control of what you consume everyday.  How you react.  Some things are out of our control, but don’t focus on those things.   Focus on what you can control and how you react and handle certain situations.   If you’re going out to eat , or to a party you know there will be endless temptations,  just have a snack or protein shake beforehand so you aren’t STARVING.  Then make the best choice you can make.   Don’t stress over it.  And if you have a bad day or couple of days, guess what?  There is always tomorrow.  Keep going.  Keep adjusting new goals, keep striving to be your best.  Don’t throw in the towel because you had a bad weekend, let that be a lesson and move forward and chose better today.  


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