Lets get into the habit talk!  Habits are so important and they mold us into the people we’re and the people we become, so it’s a must to create good ones right?  I’ve been doing this changes in my life consistently for a couple years now, and some even just a few months.   I’ve noticed this biggest difference in my life doing these things, so I wanted to share them with you!  If you’ve been following my stories for a while now, I’m sure you know what these are since I talk about them non stop.

  1. WAKE UP BEFORE OAKS.  First and foremost, on a perfect day this happens, but lately he’s been getting up with me at 6:30 when normally he gets up at 7:30-8 so I admit it’s been throwing me off a bit because I need time to myself in the morning before starting the day.  
  2. NO PHONE/SOCIAL MEDIA.  I recently started doing this about 3 months ago and WOW.  Everyone should do this.  We’ve all been there opening up our social media RIGHT when we wake up and RIGHT before we go to bed.  This raises our cortisol levels and that immediately sets the tone for the day.  I don’t look at social media at all right when I wake up, or right before I go to bed and MAN am I a much happier person! I love social media and connecting with all of you, but I needed to learn to balance it and found looking at it right when I woke up caused me so much stress.   I look at it 3x a day now in 20 minute increments.  So Instead, I’ll sit in peace and quiet and meditate, then I’ll listen to Lewis Howes podcast.  His seems to be the most inspiring in the morning.  Then I’ll turn on some Bosa Nova pandora, or smooth jazz while I cook breakfast, BUT thats not until number 5.
  3.  DRINK WATER.  Right when I wake up I drink a large glass of luke warm water. Think about it, we haven’t drank any water for 7+ hours now.  Our body needs it asap to get hydrated to start the day, so I start my digestive system with that and I can definitely feel things start to get moving if you know what I mean.
  4.  GRAB MY COFFEE & MEDITATE:  Now the reason I need to get up before Oaks is I really want to sit and meditate beforehand.  I need that 10 mins of calm serenity before my hectic day begins, because who know if he’ll wake up ornery or crying, ya never know.  So I’ve noticed that if I get up before him and get these things done, I’m a much happier, PATIENT mama.  Lord knows we need our patience when it comes to raising toddlers.   SO onto mediation.  I use the app called Headspace and Andy walks you through the whole thing.  It’s all guided.  I’ve been doing it for so long that sometimes I just meditate on my own because I started to find that his voice was to distracting, BUT this was after doing it guided for a year.  I’ve noticed a difference in managing my anxiety and stress now when I do it.  I started to notice a difference after about a 14 day streak of doing it.  I look forward to it everyday now.  It’s my heaven and I find so much peace in doing it.  
  5. MOVE: Find your movement in the morning.  I do my work out in the mornings and LOVE it.  But you don’t have to do anything crazy hard, just go for a walk if you want.  Just do some sort of movement to get your body awake.   If I don’t work out before 8am now, I feel like I can’t past that time haha.  It’s become such an amazing habit.  I love mornings and I used to not like them at all.   I do a work out from LOVE HIIT BG, or a new work out from my new program I’m currently working on!  Follow @lovebylynnfitness for updates and new works outs.

Starting my day like this has been amazing!  I feel more at peace and more productive throughout my day.  Now, If I don’t do these things, I don’t get down on myself!  I used to let that stupid chatter get in my head of the loser crap, but now I’m kinder to myself.  We can’t be perfect, but we can do our best under each circumstances of the day.  Thats all that matters!





Have a great day!



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