The hardest part about actually sticking to a consistent routine, is constantly finding the motivation and your WHY.  (which your WHY- is going to be another blog post) but for now we’re going to talk about my 2 things that have CHANGED THE GAME for me.

I consider myself a very motivated person when it comes to fitness. I enjoy it (duh- thats why I’ve made it part of my career)  I enjoy it and get so excited about it everyday.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t have days that I just have no motivation to do it! 

These two things I’m sharing with you, have kept me going and just ENHANCE my motivation daily! So here we go!


NUMBER 1 – HEART RATE MONITOR.  I never thought this thing would be so incredibly helpful throughout my work outs.  TJ kept telling (my husband- if you’re a first time reader) that I needed to get one, and I just kept thinking “blah blah blah… I don’t need it, I’m motivated enough haha”  But really, I can’t believe what a difference its made in my overall intensity of the work out.  Heres why I love it so much.

  1. It monitors your heart rate, so you’re in constant competition with yourself trying to beat your record,  points , or just to simply keep your heart rate up.  The higher your heart rate is, the more calories you burn and points you get using the monitor. 
  2. It’s fun to experiment and see what work outs are the hardest for you.  
  3. It pushes you to go harder and harder.  You don’t realize how hard you actually have to work until you get this thing.  It’ll push you beyond what your mind tells you, you can do.  Our minds give up before our bodies do, so this will constantly be pushing you harder.
  4.  Now I can’t work out without it! It feels weird not to be able to monitor my heart rate very well.  
  5. Overall, its going to push you and motivate you to work out harder and keep your heart rate up!

This specific heart rate monitor is from the VASA gyms, located in Utah and parts of Colorado, SO if you are near any of those you can go buy these there.  The cool things about these, is you can add each other on the app and see each others work outs.  The one I linked is identical to the one I’m using.

Now, a lot of you have asked if I log my work outs into my fitnesspal so it docs the calories off for the day.  I don’t do this because then I’ll think I can eat more than I should haha.  Not saying its wrong of anyone to do, its just a personal preference.

Do any of you already use a heart rate monitor?


NUMBER 2- WIRELESS HEADPHONES.  K you guys, where have I been though?  Wireless headphones have been around for so long, and I’m such an active person, yet I’ve never tried them until now.  I think the reason was, I just never trusted to spend the money on them because I had no clue which ones to buy.  But these ones, are amazing you guys!  Another life changing moment of mine.  These specific ones I really love.    Heres why I love this specific pair and why its been a motivator for me.

  1. You’ve got to have a good playlist ready for your work out! It makes the world of difference.  It’ll give you an energy boost, if you’ve got some good jams going.  Heres a post I did on my favorites. THINGS TO SPICE UP YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE.
  2.  Theres no wire, so you don’t need to carry your phone around.  I would always have to take off my headphones, for jump squats or burpees, basically anything that moves a lot, and set my phone down.  There is nothing worse than doing burpees with no headphones while listening to gym music and hearing people grunt and breath hard.. can’t do it.  So no need for putting your phone in your pants haha , like I used to.
  3. They come with all sorts of inserts to fit your ear perfectly, so they won’t move or fall out. 
  4.  The base will just have you grooving through your work out and you may do a booty pop in between sets, or just drop it low, ya know? 
  5. Their BLUSH, cutest color on the plant, oh and they come in 5 other colors.








Have a great week!  Let me know if you liked this post, or if you use any of these now!  Tell me your favorite ways to keep you motivated below!  Love hearing from you guys, and getting to know you better.



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