We’ve all been there, or we all do go there from time to time.  I know I do!  I enjoy life to the fullest and sometimes that requires more drinks than normal, or more sugar than normal.  But it’s all about balance right!  I talk more about balance in this MACRO POST.  

So lets get to it!  These are all very simple, you’ll be surprised!  

  1.  SLEEP.  Making sure you get a good nights rest is one of the best ways to detox your body to reset.  Sleep has been connected to weight loss, reduced cortisol levels and stress, and improved overall health.  For me, I need 8 hours every night.  Everyone is different, but you should never be getting under 6 hours.  
  2. HYDRATE.  This is so important when it comes to detoxing our bodies.  Think about it, we need this fluid to wash out all the things that need to get out.  The more we drink, the easier it is to flush it out and digest.  Drink a huge glass of water FIRST thing in the morning, and right before you go to bed, and obviously keep drinking it throughout the day, but morning and night are so important, because think about it.  We’re going 7 or more hours without any hydration, so our bodies need it asap.
  3. BLOAT BUSTING INGREDIENTS. peppermint, ginger, lemon, and cayenne—are great for digestion and overall health. Ginger acts as a natural antibacterial and will help to soothe any uneasy feelings in your stomach. Chop ginger into pieces and put into a tea pot before boiling it. Then pour the tea into a cup and add lemon and cayenne pepper. Lemon is extremely helpful in getting rid of bloating and gas, while cayenne pepper helps to speed up the metabolism. Wait for the tea to cool down before squeezing some lemon and adding a few shakes of cayenne pepper on top.
  4. ADD MORE GOOD.  I don’t cut down or go on any special diet.  I just go right back into my healthy lifestyle that I was in before.  I don’t restrict or deprive myself.  Been there done that, and it always always ALWAYS turns into a binge fest a few days later, after deprivation.  So I’ve learned to balance it out.  Not by eliminating but adding in things to my diet.  More veggies, more lean meats, more fruits instead of processed sugars.  Consuming the other foods sparingly, such as fried foods, refined sugars, unfulfilling snacks like candy or chips, alcohol etc.. you get it.  But this post is about what I do AFTER I’ve eaten a little overboard on these things, which happens if I’m on vacation.   So I add in the good to eliminate the bad!  Making a lot less room for the bad.
  5. BE MINDFUL.  When I’m detoxing I don’t stay away from treats, I’m just mindful of them.  So don’t stress if 7pm strikes and you’re feeling like you want some sugar.  This happens to me almost every night.  You can still have a few squares of chocolate or a little handful of chips, but BE MINDFUL of it.  Put the serving in a small bowl.  Don’t eat from the bag.   When I eat from the bag, it never ends well!  I LOVE Jojos Chocolate Bark, it’s got natural sugars, and protein!  Great for sugar cravings.  You can get it 10% OFF HERE.  If you follow that, it won’t hurt your detox.
  6. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.  A shot morning and night.  This helps me keep my appetite in check and helps me feel balanced.  I don’t know why, but it seems to keep me from feeling like I need to eat more than I do.  I do MY NIGHT TEA recipe at night, then I’ve been doing a shot of it in warm water in the mornings.

I have a 7 DAY MEAL PLAN I created to help get you back on track!  These are some things I still eat to this day!  






Hope you loved this post!  Thanks for reading!




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