Peppermint Ice Cream Float

I’m all about creating things that will last a lifetime within our traditions through the Holidays. Each year I try a couple of new Holiday recipes to see what sticks and the whole family has loved this Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Float!  Oaks loved creating it with me and it was so easy to make. We enjoyed it by our fire and got cozy!

I added whipped cream and crushed candy canes on top, and then a full candy cane to garnish!  Super easy and perfect for Holiday parties, or just for when you want to cozy up at home and watch Christmas movies!

I know that I’m getting the best with Haggen-Dazs and that I can always count on their quality. This Peppermint Bark Ice Cream is a limited-edition flavor, so make sure you go try it out!  You can buy this at your local Walmart, or add it to your next Online Pickup & Delivery order HERE! Earn additional savings when you use this great Ibotta offer too!

*This post is sponsored by Froneri/Nestlé but all opinions are my own*


PNS07988-Edit (1)


PNS07988-Edit (1)I wanted to share this grocery list and meals with you because I know most of you wanted to see it.  I had made this for my sister who is trying to lose the pounds after she had her first baby 2 months ago.  You know how it is when you’re just itching to lose the weight after baby.  I just know for me, I really just want to feel good again.  So I gave her a shopping list and a few meals that she can add in to start out.  This isn’t a full on meal plan, but one day of meals to give her an idea, and I honestly eat the same things day in and day out and switch it up sometimes, but for the most part I’m a creature of habit and eat the same.  Once I find something thats good, I stick to it.  Consistency is key to creating better habits for yourself. 

I didn’t want to overwhelm her with a strict plan, so thats why I say ADD IN.  The more good you add into your diet, the less room you have for junk.   I just believe that the more simple we keep things, the easier it is.  

I used to count macros back in the day, but it started to become an obsession in a bad way.  I looked good, but I just didn’t want to attach so much energy into that.  I’m trying now to just surrender and tune into what my body needs, and really listen and be aware of that.  It’s definitely taken me a lot of practice though and it’s something I’m still working at!  I find myself sometimes going back to wanting to count sometimes because It makes me feel out of control, and I have a controlling personality, so it’s really helping me learn to let go and just listen.

So for the grocery list!  I’m sharing a few recipes from this grocery list.  I’m just sharing to give you ideas, you can take whatever you want from this, but I know this plan works for me and I think we all need to just try new things until we find our thing, and sometimes what worked for us last month or year, isn’t working now, so we have to keep pivoting and trying so we can grow and learn from the process.



 Oat Milk
3 large Cucumbers
3 bags celery
Cherry tomatoes
1 bag Spinach
1 Raspberries
1 bag Lemons
Chicken thighs
Ground turkey
2 cartons Eggs
Brown rice (packets if you want)
Feta cheese
Frozen blueberries
Canned tuna

Kerry gold butter

Daves killer wheat bread 



Coconut aminos
Avocado or olive oil
Pro bars (pb chocolate or cookie dough are best)
Lundberg cinnamon rice cakes
Veganese (if they don’t have go to good earth)

1 bag of kale

Veganese (good earth if smiths doesn’t have it)
Organic Simple Truth or fresh ground Peanut butter


Mint leaves

Tapito Sauce & Cholula Sauce

Good earth
Veganese (if smiths doesn’t have)
Sauerkraut dill flavor
Sun Warrior Collagen Tahiti Vanilla (or on amazon)

AMAZON (supplements and creamers)

Lairds Superfood Creamer

Mary Ruths Liquid Probiotics

Ancient Grains Collagen (something new I added because it’s clean)



Green juice for 3-4 glasses

1 Costco bag celery
1 peeled cucumber
10 handfuls spinach
2 lemons
Then when I serve I do 4 drops Mary Ruth’s probiotic (I’ve never felt better after taking this btw! I’m NEVER bloated anymore)




  • Scrambled eggs with 2 yolks and 2 whites, feta cheese and cholula on top.  With daves killer toast and 1/2 tbsp kerry gold butter


  • 1 canned tuna, 1 tbsp veganese, 2-3 tbsp sauerkraut, 1/2 cup cooked quinoa.  Mix everything together!


  • Blueberry Watermelon Mint Collagen Smoothie, or PRO bar.
  • 1 cup frozen blueberries, 3 cubes watermelon, 2 mint leaves, 1 scoop Sun Warrior Collagen, 1 cup water.  Blend up!


  • Asian ground turkey, steamed broccolli, quinoa, or lentils.  Add feta on top, and tapito sauce!



I love to sip on Spindrift! Its carbonated and lightly sweetened with fruit, all natural!  I get it in bulk at costco.  I also love my afternoon coffee with Oat milk.  I did a post a while back on my 3 Skinny Hacks, and still stand by this! I also drink a lot of water! I have a large hydroflask to get me through the day and its the only way I’ll drink any water. I’l forget if I don’t keep refilling.  

As far as having drinks, like coffee, teas, spindrift, I feel like these are just my little rituals that get me excited everyday.  I don’t necessarily NEED the caffeine, its just more of a ritual for me and something to look forward to.

Hope this helps give you ideas! Let me know if you have any questions!