Hello everyone!  We all need a little motivation to get our week started, and back into our routine.  I know I definitely do!  The hardest part about working out is actually getting yourself to get up and go.  Find something that motivates you, whether it be some cute running shoes, or a cute work out top, or just a simple quote on the screen saver of your phone that you can constantly glance at, and repeat in your head.  Trust me it works!  I know those helps me!
We all have our off days, even if your not feeling it that day, get dressed and go, and the first 5 minutes in you will be good to go!
In this video I am only showing one side of my body, but make sure you are doing the other side as well doing the exact same thing.  I will explain that in the video.
In this video I am doing 10 reps of each exercise using a 20 pound kettle bell.  You can go lighter, or heavier, but if you go lighter I would recommend doing more reps of each.
Now, you will do one side, then ab combo, then the other side, and ab combo after.  That is one round.  Do 3 rounds or more if you want a more intense work out, but do 3 rounds!  I promise you will feel awesome after you finish.  You can do it!  Even if it takes you a little longer, just push yourself!
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Thanks for watching!

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