OKAY guys- lets just be real honest with ourselves right now, no one is trying to lose any weight during the Holidays.. am I right?  Lets save that for January haha.  But really, the goal is (at least mine-these are just my tips that work me every year, that I want to share) to MAINTAIN and not GAIN.  How the freak do we do that?  Here are my 5 tips that I stick with every single year, that never lead me astray.

  1. TREAT YO SELF: guys- I’m not a prude and I don’t tell myself I can’t have things- ever.  I just eat in moderation and never overindulge or over eat. Wait, never say never.  I meant, I try not to overindulge to often.  Thats really okay to do sometimes, and I definitely do it… like last week aka hormones.  So I treat myself literally every single day.  That way I feel more satisified throughout my week and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on all the Holiday treats.  I LOVE jojos chocolate bark.  To die for. The bars are HUGE and you feel satisfied.  I’ll have one bar at the end of my night and kicks those cravings.  Plus, guys this makes a really good gift!  Use code “Lovebylynn10” at checkout to get 10% OFF.  CLICK HERE to get the discount babes.
  2. WORK OUT: I know thats pretty obvious, but sometimes we feel less motivated to keep working out when there is all this holiday fun going around, but make time for it, so you can keep it tight and right!  Add in a little more cardio time if you feel like you need to, but don’t be to hard on yourself for enjoying the holiday treats.  Plus, working out makes you feel that much better about that overindulging you might be doing. Or will be doing I should say.  PS ALL my GUIDES are on SALE still!  Go check them out!  
  3.  EAT HEALTHY: DUH Sara.  But no, eat your healthy meals, track them throughout your days, and whatever you’re craving, save it for the weekend!  It’ll be your little reward at the end of the week.  
  4.  CHOOSE YOUR PARTIES WISELY:  if it’s your 3rd night out that week, and it’s a party that you don’t really care to go to that much, stay in and save those calories for another night out that you actually want to go to!
  5. DRINK YOUR GREENS:  Start your day off with a my FAB 4 SMOOTHIE so you feel satisfied throughout your day, and you won’t want to reach for anything bad when you start it off on the right foot.

Hope my tips help you!  Let me know if you have any questions at all.  DM me, comment on here, my IG, or email me at

Have a great day babes!



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