My 7 Day Meal Plan is here!!  And its amazing.

I have been working on this for weeks!  So happy to share this with you!  I know it is going to be so helpful and answer a ton of questions you’ve all had.

The reason I am charging for this is because It took a lot of time to make.  Hired a graphic designer, and I put my heart and soul in this.

I wrote down exactly what I ate for a week and put it in this book.

I am making it so easy for you to follow.

In this book you will find..

  • My Grocery List
  • My take on cheat meals
  • 7 Days of Recipes
  • Has recipes like, Protein Pancakes, Chicken Kale Salad, Turkey Sandwiches, Crockpot Chicken etc..

This is the diet I have been following for years (5 Years to be exact) I switch up what I eat obviously, but this is exactly what I have been eating for months.

Very simple to follow, and the recipes are so easy to make.   I love following this plan.  

Its realistic, and healthy! 

Let me know what you think, and please be sure to keep me updated!